Danielle Brandon

Danielle Brandon

Danielle Brandon Age


Danielle Brandon Height

170 cm

Danielle Brandon Weight

150 lb

Danielle Brandon Country

United States

Danielle Brandon Croosfit box

CrossFit Naples

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Early Life and Background of Danielle Brandon

Danielle Brandon, a dominant figure in the CrossFit community, has a diverse athletic background that laid the foundation for her CrossFit success. Before making a name for herself in CrossFit, Brandon excelled in track and field, diving, and gymnastics during her high school years. Notably, she was part of four state championship teams in track, competing in events like the pole vault and 4×400 relay, as well as winning titles in gymnastics and placing top five in state diving competitions each season. Her prowess in pole vaulting continued into college, where she competed at the NCAA West Preliminary in 2016 and secured podium finishes at several Big Sky Championships.

Danielle Brandon’s CrossFit Journey

Danielle Brandon’s transition from a collegiate athlete to a CrossFit sensation is a testament to her athletic versatility and dedication. Her journey into the world of CrossFit began earnestly, with her debut at the CrossFit Games in 2019, marking the start of her ascent in the sport. Brandon’s first participation in the CrossFit Open dates back to 2014, showcasing her long-term commitment and gradual improvement that have characterized her career. Over the years, Brandon has distinguished herself not just by qualifying for the CrossFit Games multiple times but also by demonstrating remarkable strength and endurance, training in Las Vegas, Nevada, alongside notable athletes like 2020’s Third Fittest Woman on Earth, Kari Pearce.

Competitive Achievements of Danielle Brandon

Danielle Brandon’s competitive record is impressive, with her achievements at the CrossFit Games highlighting her growth and prowess in the sport. She has consistently improved her standings, with notable placements such as 10th in 2019, 15th in 2020, and 11th in 2021. Brandon’s performances in the CrossFit Open and various qualifiers further underscore her elite status within the sport, showcasing her skill across a range of workouts and disciplines. Her best performances include finishing 23rd worldwide in the 2023 Open and securing a 9th place at the 2023 Games, reflecting her continuous improvement and dedication to excellence.

Personal Life of Danielle Brandon

Off the competition floor, Danielle Brandon’s personal journey reflects her resilience and multifaceted personality. Her background in track and field, particularly in pole vaulting, not only provided her with a competitive edge but also ingrained in her a strong sense of discipline and determination. These attributes have undoubtedly played a role in her success in CrossFit, where she continues to inspire fans and fellow athletes with her commitment to fitness and excellence. Brandon’s training with Underdogs Athletics and her move to train in Naples, FL, with the Brute Strength crew, highlight her willingness to adapt and seek new challenges in pursuit of her athletic goals.

Danielle Brandon benchmarks

Clean: 240 lb
Snatch: 210 lb

Danielle Brandon stats

Games 2023977%40Women
North America East Semifinal 2023296%59Women
Individual Quarterfinal 20231499%5710Women
Open 20232399%132782Women
CrossFit Games 2022490%40Women
Mid-Atlantic CrossFit Challenge 2022196%30Women
Individual Quarterfinals 2022699%5279Women
Open 20225699%122177Women
Games 20211172%40Women
CrossFit West Coast Classic 2021390%30Women
Individual Quarterfinals 20211299%5936Women
Open 20211399%108644Women
Games 20201550%30Women
Open 20203699%94157Women
Games 20191092%131Women
Open 20191699%146363Women
Open 201816999%171976Women
Open 201713799%159565Women
Open 201611499%130154Women
Open 2014110997%52076Women

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