Yeti workout

Yeti Crossfit Workout

Overview of the Yeti CrossFit Workout

The Yeti CrossFit workout is a challenging workout that was named after the mythical creature that is said to inhabit the Himalayas. This workout is not a part of the CrossFit Games, but it is a popular workout among CrossFit enthusiasts. The workout involves a combination of weightlifting and cardio exercises that are designed to test your strength, endurance, and mental toughness. The Yeti CrossFit: Workout Overview is known for its high level of difficulty, but it offers many benefits, including improved fitness, increased strength, and enhanced mental resilience.

Yeti CrossFit: Workout Description

  • 800-meter run
  • 10 power cleans (185/125 lb)
  • 10 front squats (185/125 lb)
  • 10 jerks (185/125 lb)
  • 800-meter run
  • 10 power snatches (135/95 lb)
  • 10 overhead squats (135/95 lb)
  • 10 sumo deadlift high pulls (135/95 lb)
  • 800-meter run

The workout is scored for time, with the clock starting when the athlete begins the first 800-meter run and stopping when they finish the final 800-meter run.

Yeti CrossFit: Workout Variations and Scaling Options

  • Reducing the weight of the barbell
  • Reducing the number of reps for each exercise
  • Reducing the distance of the runs

It is important to choose a scaling option that is appropriate for your fitness level and to consult with a CrossFit coach before attempting the workout.

Yeti CrossFit: Tips and Strategies

  • Pace yourself during the runs to conserve energy for the weightlifting exercises.
  • Break up the weightlifting exercises into manageable sets to avoid burnout.
  • Focus on proper form and technique to avoid injury.
  • Take short breaks between exercises to catch your breath and recover.
  • Stay mentally strong and push through the pain to finish the workout.

Yeti CrossFit: Athlete Performance

  • Beginner: 45-60 minutes
  • Intermediate: 35-45 minutes
  • Advanced: 25-35 minutes

Yeti CrossFit: Conclusion

The Yeti CrossFit workout is a challenging and rewarding workout that is designed to test your strength, endurance, and mental toughness. While it is not suitable for beginners, there are scaling options available for those who need them. By following the tips and strategies outlined above, you can complete the workout efficiently and safely and reap the many benefits it has to offer.