Randy workout

Randy Crossfit Workout

Overview of the Randy Workout

The Randy workout is a CrossFit benchmark workout named after Randy Simmons, a 27-year veteran of the LAPD SWAT team who passed away in the line of duty in 2008. This workout was created in his honor and first appeared on the CrossFit main site in 2008. It is a simple, yet challenging workout that involves only one movement: the power snatch. The workout is performed for time, and the goal is to complete the prescribed number of repetitions as quickly as possible.

Randy: Workout Description

The Randy workout consists of 75 power snatches for time. The weight used for the power snatch is 75 pounds for men and 55 pounds for women. The athlete must complete all 75 repetitions before the workout is considered complete. The power snatch is a weightlifting movement that involves lifting the barbell from the ground to overhead in one fluid motion. The athlete must start with the barbell on the ground and lift it to full extension overhead, with the arms locked out and the hips fully extended. The athlete can choose to perform the power snatch in sets or as singles, but the goal is to complete the workout as quickly as possible.

Randy: Workout Variations and Scaling Options

The Randy workout can be scaled by reducing the weight of the power snatch or by reducing the number of repetitions. For beginners, it is recommended to use a lighter weight and perform the power snatch in sets of 5-10 repetitions. Intermediate athletes can use the prescribed weight but perform the power snatch in sets of 10-15 repetitions. Advanced athletes can perform the workout as prescribed, aiming to complete all 75 repetitions unbroken.

Tips and Strategies

To complete the Randy workout efficiently and safely, athletes should focus on proper form and technique. The power snatch is a complex movement that requires a lot of skill and practice. Athletes should warm up properly before attempting the workout and practice the power snatch with a lighter weight to ensure proper form. It is also important to pace yourself and not go too fast in the beginning. Breaking up the repetitions into smaller sets and taking short breaks can help conserve energy and prevent burnout. Finally, athletes should focus on breathing and maintaining good posture throughout the workout.

Athlete Performance

The average time to complete the Randy workout for an intermediate athlete is around 5-7 minutes. Advanced athletes can complete the workout in under 4 minutes, while beginners may take up to 10 minutes or more.


The Randy workout is a challenging CrossFit benchmark workout that honors the memory of a fallen hero. It is a simple yet effective workout that targets the entire body and requires a lot of skill and practice to perform correctly. By following the tips and strategies outlined above, athletes can complete the workout safely and efficiently and improve their overall fitness level.