Open 23.2A & 23.2B workout

Open 23.2A & 23.2B Crossfit Workout

Workout Overview: Open 23.2A & 23.2B

The workout “Open 23.2A & 23.2B” is a combination of two parts. The first part, 23.2A, is a 15-Minute AMRAP (As Many Rounds As Possible) consisting of 5 burpee pull-ups and 10 shuttle runs, with an additional 5 burpee pull-ups added after each round. The second part, 23.2B, involves establishing a 1-rep-max thruster from the floor immediately after completing 23.2A.

Workout Description: Open 23.2A & 23.2B

The workout begins with the 15-Minute AMRAP of 5 burpee pull-ups and 10 shuttle runs, with the added challenge of increasing the number of burpee pull-ups after each round. Immediately after completing the AMRAP, athletes move on to the 23.2B segment, where they establish their 1-rep-max thruster from the floor.

Workout Variations and Scaling Options: Open 23.2A & 23.2B

For individuals who need to scale the workout, common options include reducing the number of burpee pull-ups, adjusting the shuttle run distance, or using a band for assisted pull-ups. These scaling options are beneficial for individuals who are still developing their strength and conditioning or recovering from an injury.

Tips and Strategies: Open 23.2A & 23.2B

  • Pace yourself during the AMRAP to maintain a consistent level of effort throughout the 15 minutes.
  • Focus on efficient movement transitions between the burpee pull-ups and shuttle runs to optimize your time.
  • When establishing the 1-rep-max thruster, ensure proper form and gradually increase the weight to find your maximum lift.

Athlete Performance: Open 23.2A & 23.2B

Average performance times or scores for different levels of athletes may vary widely for this workout due to its high intensity and individual differences in strength and conditioning. However, intermediate athletes may aim to complete 5-7 rounds in the 15-Minute AMRAP, while advanced athletes may target 8 or more rounds. As for the 1-rep-max thruster, it largely depends on the individual’s strength level.

Conclusion: Open 23.2A & 23.2B

The “Open 23.2A & 23.2B” workout offers a challenging combination of high-intensity movements and strength testing. It provides an opportunity for athletes to push their limits and gauge their progress in both conditioning and strength. Whether you’re aiming to complete multiple rounds in the AMRAP or achieve a new personal best in the thruster, this workout is a test of overall fitness and determination.

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