Open 21.1 workout

Open 21.1 Crossfit Workout

Workout Overview: Open 21.1

The workout “Open 21.1” is a classic CrossFit Open workout that was featured in the 2021 CrossFit Games. It is a high-intensity workout that challenges athletes with a combination of gymnastic movements and double-unders. The workout is for time and has a 15-minute time cap. It involves a sequence of wall walks and double-unders, with the number of repetitions increasing after each round. This workout is named after the CrossFit Open, an annual event that tests the fitness of athletes worldwide. “Open 21.1” is known for its demanding nature and is a popular choice for testing athletes’ skills and endurance.

Workout Description: Open 21.1

The “Open 21.1” workout consists of the following movements performed for time with a 15-minute time cap:

  • 1 wall walk
  • 10 double-unders
  • 3 wall walks
  • 30 double-unders
  • 6 wall walks
  • 60 double-unders
  • 9 wall walks
  • 90 double-unders
  • 15 wall walks
  • 150 double-unders
  • 21 wall walks
  • 210 double-unders

Variations and Scaling Options: Open 21.1

For individuals who need to scale the workout, common scaling options include reducing the number of wall walks and double-unders, or modifying the movements to less challenging variations. Scaling may be necessary for athletes who are still developing their skills in these movements or have specific physical limitations.

Tips and Strategies: Open 21.1

  • Prioritize efficient movement transitions to conserve energy.
  • Maintain a steady pace throughout the workout to avoid early fatigue.
  • Practice proper breathing techniques during wall walks to manage exertion.
  • For double-unders, focus on maintaining a relaxed grip on the jump rope handle and a consistent jumping rhythm.

Athlete Performance: Open 21.1

Average times for “Open 21.1” can vary widely based on an athlete’s skill level. Beginner athletes may complete the workout in around 10-15 minutes, while advanced athletes can aim for times under 8 minutes.

In Conclusion: Open 21.1

“Open 21.1” is a challenging CrossFit workout that demands a high level of skill and endurance. Athletes can expect to improve their overall fitness, agility, and coordination by incorporating this workout into their training routine.