Open 20.4 workout

Open 20.4 Crossfit Workout

Workout Overview

The workout “Open 20.4” is a challenging CrossFit workout that was part of the CrossFit Open. It involves a combination of box jumps, clean and jerks, and single-leg squats. The workout is designed to be completed “for time,” meaning the goal is to finish it as quickly as possible. The prescribed weights for the clean and jerks vary throughout the workout, increasing in difficulty as the workout progresses. This workout is known for its high level of difficulty and is intended for advanced athletes. It requires a combination of strength, power, and agility to complete.

Open 20.4: Workout Description

  • 30 box jumps (24/20 in for men/women)
  • 15 clean and jerks (95/65 lb for men/women or 43/29.5 kg)
  • 30 box jumps (24/20 in for men/women)
  • 15 clean and jerks (135/85 lb for men/women or 61/38.5 kg)
  • 30 box jumps (24/20 in for men/women)
  • 10 clean and jerks (185/115 lb for men/women or 84/52 kg)
  • 30 single-leg squats
  • 10 clean and jerks (225/145 lb for men/women or 102/65.8 kg)
  • 30 single-leg squats
  • 5 clean and jerks (275/175 lb for men/women or 125/79.4 kg)

The workout is scored based on the time it takes to complete all the repetitions.

Open 20.4: Workout Variations and Scaling Options

For individuals who are unable to perform the workout as prescribed, scaling options can be implemented. Common scaling options for “Open 20.4” include reducing the weight of the clean and jerks, lowering the height of the box for the box jumps, and performing a modified version of the single-leg squats, such as assisted single-leg squats or air squats.

Open 20.4: Tips and Strategies

To complete “Open 20.4” efficiently and safely, it is important to pace yourself throughout the workout. Break up the clean and jerks into manageable sets to avoid fatigue. For the single-leg squats, focus on maintaining proper form to prevent injury. It is also recommended to warm up thoroughly before starting the workout and to incorporate a cooldown routine afterwards.

Open 20.4: Athlete Performance

The average completion time for “Open 20.4” can vary widely based on an individual’s fitness level. Advanced athletes may complete the workout in around 15-20 minutes, while intermediate athletes may aim for a time of 20-25 minutes. Beginners may take longer to complete the workout, with an average time of 25-30 minutes.


“Open 20.4” is a demanding CrossFit workout that requires a high level of strength, endurance, and skill to complete. Despite its difficulty, it offers a challenging opportunity for athletes to push their limits and test their capabilities. Whether you are an experienced CrossFitter or new to the sport, “Open 20.4” provides a tough but rewarding fitness challenge.

This structure provides a comprehensive overview of the “Open 20.4” workout, including its history, description, scaling options, tips, and expected performance levels for different athletes.