Open 16.4 workout

Open 16.4 Crossfit Workout

Overview of Open 16.4

Open 16.4 is a CrossFit workout that was first introduced in 2016 as part of the CrossFit Open competition. It is an AMRAP (as many rounds as possible) workout that lasts for 13 minutes. The workout consists of four movements: deadlifts, wall ball shots, calorie row, and handstand push-ups. The workout is designed to test an athlete’s strength, endurance, and skill level.

Open 16.4: Workout Description

The workout involves completing as many rounds as possible of the following movements in 13 minutes:

  • 55 Deadlifts (225/155 lb)
  • 55 Wall Ball Shots (20/14 lb)
  • 55 Calorie Row
  • 55 Handstand Push-Ups

The recommended weights for the deadlifts and wall ball shots are 225/155 lb and 20/14 lb, respectively. The number of repetitions for each movement is 55. The workout is scored based on the number of rounds completed within the 13-minute time frame.

Open 16.4: Workout Variations and Scaling Options

Not everyone who tries Open 16.4 will be able to do it as prescribed. Here are some common scaling options for those who need them:

  • Reduce the weight for the deadlifts and wall ball shots
  • Use a lower target for the wall ball shots
  • Reduce the number of repetitions for each movement
  • Substitute handstand push-ups with push-ups or pike push-ups

Scaling options are recommended for athletes who are new to CrossFit or who have not yet developed the strength or skill level required to perform the movements as prescribed.

Tips and Strategies

Here are some tips for completing Open 16.4 efficiently and safely:

  • Pace yourself throughout the workout to avoid burning out too quickly
  • Break up the repetitions into manageable sets to avoid fatigue
  • Use proper form and technique for each movement to avoid injury
  • Take short breaks between movements to catch your breath and recover
  • Warm up properly before starting the workout to prepare your body for the movements

Athlete Performance

The average number of rounds completed for Open 16.4 varies depending on the athlete’s skill level. Here are some average scores for different levels of athletes:

  • Beginner: 2-3 rounds
  • Intermediate: 4-5 rounds
  • Advanced: 6+ rounds


Open 16.4 is a challenging CrossFit workout that tests an athlete’s strength, endurance, and skill level. With proper scaling options and strategies, athletes of all levels can complete the workout safely and efficiently.