Open 16.3 workout

Open 16.3 Crossfit Workout

Overview of Open 16.3

Open 16.3: Workout description is a CrossFit workout that was first introduced in the 2016 CrossFit Open. It is an AMRAP (as many rounds as possible) workout that lasts for 7 minutes. The workout consists of two movements: power snatches and bar muscle-ups. The prescribed weight for the power snatches is 75 pounds for men and 55 pounds for women. The workout is considered to be of moderate difficulty and requires a high level of skill and strength to complete.

Open 16.3: Workout Description

The workout begins with 10 power snatches, followed by 3 bar muscle-ups. The athlete then repeats this sequence as many times as possible within the 7-minute time cap. The power snatch involves lifting the barbell from the ground to overhead in one fluid motion. The bar muscle-up is a gymnastics movement that involves pulling oneself up and over a bar, transitioning from below the bar to above it. The workout is scored based on the number of rounds and reps completed within the time cap.

Open 16.3: Workout Variations and Scaling Options

For athletes who are unable to perform bar muscle-ups, there are several scaling options available. One option is to substitute chest-to-bar pull-ups or regular pull-ups for the bar muscle-ups. Another option is to perform jumping bar muscle-ups, which involve jumping to a position above the bar and then performing a dip. Athletes who are unable to perform the prescribed weight for the power snatches can scale the weight down to a more manageable level.

Tips and Strategies for Open 16.3

To complete Open 16.3 efficiently and safely, athletes should focus on pacing themselves throughout the workout. It is important to maintain a steady pace and avoid burning out too quickly. Athletes should also pay close attention to their form and technique, particularly during the power snatches. Breaking up the sets of power snatches and bar muscle-ups into smaller, manageable sets can help athletes conserve energy and avoid fatigue. For athletes who struggle with bar muscle-ups, it may be helpful to practice the movement in advance and work on building strength and technique.

Athlete Performance in Open 16.3

The average number of rounds completed by athletes in the 2016 CrossFit Open was 1.5 for men and 1.2 for women. For advanced athletes, completing 3 or more rounds is considered a good score, while intermediate athletes may aim for 2-3 rounds. Beginner athletes may aim to complete at least one round of the workout.


Open 16.3 is a challenging CrossFit workout that requires a high level of skill and strength to complete. Athletes who are able to perform the prescribed movements can expect to see improvements in their overall fitness, particularly in the areas of power, speed, and endurance. By following the tips and strategies outlined above, athletes can complete the workout safely and efficiently, and work towards achieving their fitness goals.