Open 15.2 workout

Open 15.2 Crossfit Workout

Overview of Open 15.2

Open 15.2 is a CrossFit workout that was part of the 2015 CrossFit Open competition. It is a timed workout that consists of multiple rounds of overhead squats and chest-to-bar pull-ups, with the number of repetitions increasing every three minutes. The workout is named after the year it was introduced in the CrossFit Open.

Open 15.2: Workout Description

The workout is divided into multiple rounds, with each round lasting three minutes. The movements and repetitions for each round are as follows:

  • From 0:00-3:00, 2 rounds of:
    • 10 Overhead Squats (95/65lb)
    • 10 Chest-to-Bar Pull-ups
  • From 3:00-6:00, 2 rounds of:
    • 12 Overhead Squats (95/65lb)
    • 12 Chest-to-Bar Pull-ups
  • Continuing this pattern, adding 2 reps to each exercise every 3 minutes

The workout is scored based on the total number of repetitions completed before the time runs out.

Open 15.2: Workout Variations and Scaling Options

For those who are unable to perform the workout as prescribed, there are several scaling options available. These include:

  • Reducing the weight of the overhead squats
  • Using a band or other assistance for the chest-to-bar pull-ups
  • Scaling the number of repetitions for each round

Scaling options should be chosen based on the individual’s fitness level and ability.

Tips and Strategies for Open 15.2

To complete the workout efficiently and safely, it is important to pace yourself and manage your energy levels. Some tips and strategies for Open 15.2 include:

  • Breaking up the repetitions into manageable sets
  • Focusing on maintaining good form throughout the workout
  • Using a consistent breathing pattern to help manage fatigue
  • Taking short breaks as needed to avoid burnout

It is also important to warm up properly before starting the workout, and to cool down and stretch afterwards to prevent injury.

Athlete Performance in Open 15.2

The average times or scores for Open 15.2 can vary widely depending on the athlete’s fitness level and experience. However, as a general guideline, the following times/scores can be used as a reference:

  • Beginner: 1-2 rounds
  • Intermediate: 3-4 rounds
  • Advanced: 5+ rounds


Open 15.2 is a challenging CrossFit workout that requires a combination of strength, endurance, and skill. By following the recommended scaling options and pacing strategies, athletes of all levels can complete the workout safely and effectively.