Jackie workout

Jackie Crossfit Workout

Overview of the ‘Jackie’ CrossFit Workout

‘Jackie’ is a classic CrossFit workout that was first introduced in 2009. It is named after Jackie Ritz, a former CrossFit athlete who passed away in 2010. The workout has been used in various CrossFit competitions, including the CrossFit Games, and it is known for its high level of difficulty.

‘Jackie’ Workout Description

The ‘Jackie’ workout consists of the following movements, performed in the following order:

  • 1000-meter row
  • 50 thrusters (45 pounds for men, 35 pounds for women)
  • 30 pull-ups

The workout is timed, and the goal is to complete all the movements as fast as possible. The recommended weight for the thrusters is 45 pounds for men and 35 pounds for women, but athletes can adjust the weight based on their fitness level.

‘Jackie’ Workout Variations and Scaling Options

Not everyone who tries the ‘Jackie’ workout will be able to do it as prescribed. Here are some common scaling options for those who need them:

  • Reduce the weight of the thrusters
  • Use a resistance band for the pull-ups
  • Reduce the number of pull-ups

These scaling options are recommended for beginners or those who are new to CrossFit. Athletes can gradually increase the weight and intensity of the workout as they become more comfortable with the movements.

Tips and Strategies for ‘Jackie’

Here are some tips for completing the ‘Jackie’ workout efficiently and safely:

  • Pace yourself during the rowing portion of the workout to conserve energy for the thrusters and pull-ups.
  • Break up the thrusters and pull-ups into smaller sets to avoid burning out too quickly.
  • Use proper form during the thrusters and pull-ups to avoid injury.
  • Take short breaks between sets to catch your breath and recover.

Athlete Performance in ‘Jackie’

The average time to complete the ‘Jackie’ workout varies depending on the athlete’s fitness level. Here are some average times for different levels of athletes:

  • Beginner: 15-20 minutes
  • Intermediate: 10-15 minutes
  • Advanced: 7-10 minutes


The ‘Jackie’ workout is a challenging CrossFit workout that tests an athlete’s endurance, strength, and conditioning. It is a benchmark workout that can be used to measure an athlete’s progress over time. With proper scaling and technique, athletes of all fitness levels can complete the workout and reap the benefits of CrossFit training.