Harper workout

Harper Crossfit Workout

Overview of ‘Harper’ CrossFit Workout

‘Harper’ is a CrossFit Hero WOD (Workout of the Day) named after U.S. Army Specialist Christopher Harper, who died on August 6, 2011, in Afghanistan. The workout was first posted on the CrossFit main site on August 6, 2012, in honor of Harper’s sacrifice. The workout is a challenging combination of running, power cleans, and burpee pull-ups. It is a high-intensity workout that requires a good level of fitness and endurance.

‘Harper’ Workout Description

The ‘Harper’ workout consists of the following movements, to be completed in the order listed:

  • 1.5-mile run
  • 30 power cleans (135/95 lb)
  • 50 burpee pull-ups

The workout is for time, meaning that the goal is to complete all the movements as quickly as possible. The recommended weight for the power cleans is 135 pounds for men and 95 pounds for women. The burpee pull-up is a combination of a burpee and a pull-up, where the athlete starts in a standing position, drops down to the ground to perform a push-up, jumps back up, and then performs a pull-up. The workout is challenging and requires a good level of fitness and endurance.

‘Harper’ Workout Variations and Scaling Options

Not everyone who tries the ‘Harper’ workout will be able to do it as prescribed. Here are some common scaling options for those who need them:

  • Reduce the weight of the power cleans
  • Reduce the number of burpee pull-ups
  • Use a band or a jumping pull-up for the burpee pull-ups
  • Reduce the distance of the run

Scaling options are important to ensure that athletes can complete the workout safely and effectively. It is recommended to consult with a CrossFit coach to determine the best scaling options for your fitness level.

Tips and Strategies for ‘Harper’ Workout

Here are some tips for completing the ‘Harper’ workout efficiently and safely:

  • Pace yourself during the run to conserve energy for the power cleans and burpee pull-ups
  • Break up the power cleans into manageable sets to avoid burnout
  • Use a quick and efficient technique for the burpee pull-ups to save time and energy
  • Take short breaks between movements to catch your breath and recover
  • Warm up properly before starting the workout to prevent injury

Athlete Performance in the ‘Harper’ Workout

The ‘Harper’ workout is a challenging workout that requires a good level of fitness and endurance. Here are some average times for different levels of athletes:

  • Beginner: 45-60 minutes
  • Intermediate: 35-45 minutes
  • Advanced: 25-35 minutes

It is important to note that these times are just averages, and individual performance may vary depending on fitness level and experience.


The ‘Harper’ workout is a challenging CrossFit Hero WOD that honors the sacrifice of U.S. Army Specialist Christopher Harper. It is a high-intensity workout that requires a good level of fitness and endurance. Scaling options are available for those who need them, and athletes should follow proper warm-up and safety protocols before attempting the workout.