Amanda workout

Amanda Crossfit Workout

Overview of Amanda Workout

Amanda: Overview of Amanda Workout

Amanda is a CrossFit workout named after Amanda Miller, a former gymnast and CrossFit athlete. It is a benchmark workout that is often used in CrossFit competitions, including the CrossFit Games. The workout consists of two movements, the snatch and the muscle-up, and is considered a high-skill workout that requires both strength and technique. Amanda is a challenging workout that can be completed in a short amount of time, making it a popular choice for experienced CrossFit athletes.

Amanda: Workout Description

The Amanda workout consists of the following movements:

  • 9-7-5 reps of squat snatches (135/95 lb)
  • Ring muscle-ups

The workout is performed for time, meaning the goal is to complete the required reps as quickly as possible. The squat snatch is a full-body movement that involves lifting a barbell from the ground to overhead in one fluid motion. The ring muscle-up is a gymnastics movement that involves pulling yourself up and over rings, then pushing yourself up into a dip position.

Amanda: Workout Variations and Scaling Options

Not everyone who attempts Amanda will be able to complete the workout as prescribed. Here are some common scaling options:

  • Reduce the weight of the squat snatch
  • Substitute power snatches for squat snatches
  • Substitute pull-ups and dips for ring muscle-ups
  • Use a band or other assistance for ring muscle-ups

Scaling options are recommended for those who are new to CrossFit or who are not yet able to perform the movements with proper technique. It is important to choose a scaling option that is challenging but still allows for proper form and safety.

Amanda: Tips and Strategies

Here are some tips for completing the Amanda workout efficiently and safely:

  • Warm up properly before attempting the workout, focusing on mobility and activation exercises for the shoulders, hips, and core.
  • Break up the reps into manageable sets, taking short breaks between each set to avoid burnout.
  • Focus on proper technique for both the snatch and the muscle-up, especially when fatigued.
  • Use a hook grip on the barbell to maintain a secure grip during the snatch.
  • Use a false grip on the rings for the muscle-up to allow for a smoother transition from the pull-up to the dip.

Amanda: Athlete Performance

The average time to complete Amanda varies depending on the athlete’s skill level. Here are some average times for different levels of athletes:

  • Beginner: 15-20 minutes
  • Intermediate: 10-15 minutes
  • Advanced: 5-10 minutes

Amanda: Conclusion

The Amanda workout is a challenging and high-skill workout that requires both strength and technique. It is a popular choice for experienced CrossFit athletes and is often used in competitions. With proper scaling and technique, anyone can attempt and complete the Amanda workout.