How to Make the Most of the CrossFit Open: Tips from Successful Affiliate Owners

How to Make the Most of the CrossFit Open: Tips from Successful Affiliate Owners Profile Picture

Tips for Maximizing Your CrossFit Open Experience: Insights from Seasoned Affiliate Owners

The CrossFit Open is just around the corner, and it presents a fantastic opportunity to foster camaraderie and push your community to new heights. While the primary goal of the Open is to identify the fittest athletes for the Quarterfinals, it’s equally important for athletes of all levels to participate and challenge themselves. This event can lend purpose to their training and bring your gym’s community closer together. To help you make the most of the CrossFit Open, we’ve gathered valuable tips from experienced affiliate owners who have successfully run the event.

Inform and Engage Your Members

One crucial step in preparing for the CrossFit Open is educating your members. Start by sending a detailed email outlining what the Open entails, how to sign up, and the logistics of running the event. It’s then important to announce the Open to your classes as a whole and take the time to talk to athletes individually, answering their questions and explaining the benefits of participating. This personalized approach will foster a sense of excitement and encouragement among your members.

Create a Visual Progress Tracker

Setting participation goals can be highly motivating for your community. Take inspiration from CrossFit Huntsville, which displays a visual aid in their gym to track the number of athletes who have signed up for the Open. This visual reminder serves as a powerful motivator for those who are yet to register, creating a sense of fear of missing out. By setting and showcasing your participation goals, you can rally your community around a common objective.

Seamlessly Integrate Open Workouts

To streamline participation, consider programming the Open workouts as your class WOD every Friday during the Open. This allows athletes to complete the workouts during their regular class time. Additionally, you can offer free classes on Fridays exclusively for participants registered in the Open. On Mondays, provide the option for athletes to either perform the Open workout or the regularly programmed Workout of the Day. Consistency in scheduling will make it easier for your members to plan their week and ensure maximum participation.

Create Incentives with Custom Gear

Generating enthusiasm and promoting community pride can be achieved through Open-themed apparel. CrossFit Huntsville designs a unique Open T-shirt every year and offers it for sale exclusively to registered participants. Moreover, athletes who complete the Judges Course can purchase the T-shirt at a discounted price, reinforcing the importance of becoming a certified judge. These incentives not only boost registrations but also instill a sense of accomplishment and recognition among your members.

Host an Intramural Open

Adding a team-based competition element to the Open can intensify the community spirit. Consider organizing an Intramural Open, where your affiliate’s athletes are divided into teams. While the Open workouts serve as the centerpieces, incorporate additional team challenges and opportunities to earn points. Free Will CrossFit found great success in their first Intramural Open by designing fun activities that made participation more about enjoyment than leaderboard scores. This inclusive approach will engage your entire community and make the Open a memorable experience.

Emphasize Community and Comradery

Free Will CrossFit found that devaluing Open scores and placing more emphasis on weekly challenges during the Intramural Open produced positive results. Encourage athletes to earn points by displaying team colors, attending a certain number of classes each week, or even participating in non-fitness-related events like a chili cookoff. This approach boosts community involvement and highlights the diverse talents within your gym.

Create an Eventful Atmosphere

CrossFit City of Lakes has successfully transformed each Open workout into a festive event by hosting Friday Night Lights. In this social gathering, the gym is converted into a competition floor complete with stands, designated areas, and a potluck. Turning the Open into a joyous celebration through activities like this fosters a sense of togetherness and excitement among your members.

Run a Fantasy League

Another creative way to make the Open more engaging is through a fantasy league. Coaches can host a draft, assigning athletes to teams, and the team with the best average score from each Open workout emerges as the winner. Encourage teams to create customized names, playlists, and colors, and promote friendly banter among participants. This fun and competitive aspect adds another layer of enjoyment to the Open experience.

Spearhead the Open Participation

As an affiliate owner, leading by example is crucial in motivating your athletes to participate. By actively participating in the Open, you demonstrate your commitment to the event and inspire your members to join in. When they see your dedication, they are more likely to follow suit and fully embrace the Open.

The CrossFit Open is a remarkable opportunity to strengthen your gym’s community and showcase the boundless potential of your members. By implementing these tips from experienced affiliate owners, you can create a rich and exhilarating Open experience that encourages participation, camaraderie, and personal growth. Get ready to make the upcoming CrossFit Open a resounding success at your gym!