Exploring Athletes’ Reputation: CrossFit Drug Use Survey Results Unveiled

Exploring Athletes' Reputation: CrossFit Drug Use Survey Results Unveiled Profile Picture

YouTuber Andrew Hiller’s recent Instagram survey on performance-enhancing drug (PED) use among CrossFit athletes has ignited discussions within the community. With nearly 60,000 views and close to 2,000 responses, the survey aimed to identify athletes perceived as most and least likely to use PEDs, offering insight into their reputations.

Key Findings

The survey delved into the perceptions of individual male and female athletes competing in the 2024 CrossFit Games, excluding Masters competitors.

Least Likely to Use Performance-Enhancing Drugs


Patrick Vellner emerged as the top choice for the least likely male athlete to use PEDs, followed by Brent Fikowski and Justin Medeiros, all recognized for their integrity and natural abilities.


Haley Adams claimed the spot for women, followed by Arielle Loewen and Emma Lawson, admired for their transparent training and consistent performances.

Most Likely to Use Performance-Enhancing Drugs

The survey also revealed athletes like Tia-Clair Toomey and Ricky Garard were perceived as more likely to use PEDs, based on factors such as past incidents and remarkable performances.

Analysis and Observations

Patterns emerged where athletes with significant performance improvements were often suspected of PED use, while those with transparent training practices were seen as less likely to engage in such practices.

PED Use in CrossFit: Policies and Notable Cases

CrossFit upholds rigorous drug testing policies, with tests conducted in and out of competition to ensure fair play. Notable cases like Ricky Garard’s positive test serve as a reminder of the consequences of PED use.

Educational Initiatives

In addition to testing, CrossFit focuses on educating athletes about the risks of PEDs, emphasizing the importance of using vetted supplements to avoid unintentional ingestion of banned substances.

As the CrossFit Games progress, the importance of honesty and transparency in maintaining the integrity of the sport remains fundamental.