CrossFit VP Jay DeCoons’ Debut in the CrossFit Open 2024

CrossFit VP Jay DeCoons' Debut in the CrossFit Open 2024 Profile Picture

Jay DeCoons, the newly appointed VP of Global Affiliate and Operations at CrossFit HQ, made his debut in the 2024 CrossFit Open with enthusiasm and a mission to connect with the community.

DeCoons, who transitioned from a finance background to the fitness industry a decade ago, started his CrossFit journey in 2015. After a hiatus due to a shoulder injury and relocating with his family, he reignited his passion for CrossFit in 2023 at CrossFit Invictus Seattle.

### A Return to Community and Competition

For his first Open experience at 47 years old, DeCoons aims to strike a balance between competitiveness and camaraderie. Despite his competitive spirit, he values the experience of connecting with fellow athletes and enjoying the community atmosphere.

### Embracing the Open Spirit

Participating in local events like the “Friday Night Lights” hosted by CrossFit Invictus Seattle, DeCoons is actively involved in supporting the gym community. His dedication to being a servant leader and helping create a positive event atmosphere highlights his commitment to fostering a thriving fitness community.

### A Vision for the Future

In his role as VP, DeCoons is driving initiatives to enhance the affiliate experience, including the development of a monthly marketing toolkit for affiliate owners. By focusing on delivering on commitments and building trust, he aims to reshape the narrative surrounding CrossFit HQ’s engagement with affiliates.

### An Eye on the Workouts

Despite a lingering shoulder injury, DeCoons approaches Open workouts strategically, scaling movements as necessary to prioritize long-term fitness. His preference for longer, challenging workouts underscores his dedication to consistent training while seeking to push his limits within a safe, sustainable framework.

### Looking Ahead

As the CrossFit Open progresses, DeCoons remains focused on supporting the community, balancing competition with connection, and driving positive change within the CrossFit affiliate network. His commitment to both personal growth and community engagement exemplifies the spirit of CrossFit as a holistic approach to fitness and well-being.