CrossFit Open 2024: Jonne Koski and Rebecca Fuselier Ace 24.3 Workouts

CrossFit Open 2024: Jonne Koski and Rebecca Fuselier Ace 24.3 Workouts Profile Picture

The 2024 CrossFit Open concluded with an impressive display of athleticism from top contenders Jonne Koski and Rebecca Fuselier in the grueling 24.3 workout.

Jonne Koski’s Dominance

Jonne Koski submitted a remarkable time of 8:03 for the 24.3 workout, narrowly edging out his competitors. If validated, Koski stands to claim the top prize of $2,024 for the best men’s score in 24.3. Additionally, his overall performance in the Open positions him to potentially win $15,000 for securing victory in the competition.

Top 5 Men’s 24.3 Times: 1. Jonne Koski – 8:03, 2. Colten Mertens – 8:07, 3. Scott Tetlow – 8:12, 4. Luka Vunjak – 8:16, 5. Agustin Richelme – 8:18.

Rebecca Fuselier’s Exceptional Performance

On the women’s side, Rebecca Fuselier shone brightly as the sole individual to break the 8-minute mark, clocking in at an impressive 7:52 for the 24.3 workout. Fuselier’s video submission further solidifies her position as a top contender in the competition and could earn her the $2,024 prize for the best women’s score.

Top 5 Women’s 24.3 Times: 1. Rebecca Fuselier – 7:52, 2. Mirjam von Rohr – 8:35, 3. Marina Franks – 8:42, 4. Anikha Greer – 8:43, 5. Kara Saunders – 8:48.

The CrossFit community eagerly awaits the official validation of Jonne Koski and Rebecca Fuselier’s outstanding performances in the 24.3 workout, showcasing the dedication, skill, and competitive spirit that define the sport.