CrossFit Competitor Carla Cornejo Plascencia’s Drug Test Controversy at North America West Semifinal

CrossFit Competitor Carla Cornejo Plascencia's Drug Test Controversy at North America West Semifinal Profile Picture

Carla Cornejo Plascencia, a CrossFit competitor from the North America West Semifinal, recently made headlines for failing an in-competition drug test. Plascencia, a member of the team CrossFit Complex Wodex that secured third place, had qualified for the prestigious 2024 CrossFit Games. However, her drug test results showed the presence of banned substances, specifically metenolone metabolites.

Metenolone, commonly known as methenolone, is classified as an androgen and anabolic steroid prohibited by the World Anti-Doping Agency (WADA). Although metenolone has legitimate medical applications, it is frequently misused in the bodybuilding community to enhance metabolism, leading to increased fat loss and muscle development. Another alias for this substance is Primobolan.

Plascencia has been a key member of the CrossFit Complex Wodex team for the past two seasons. After finishing 14th in the North America West Semifinal last year, the team significantly improved their performance this year, achieving a commendable third place overall. Plascencia served as the team captain alongside teammates Sasha Nievas, Esteban Ospina, and Ricardo García, with Samuel Zaleme and Ana Sofía Armenta Cano as alternates.

Following the failed drug test, Plascencia has submitted an appeal. As a result, Rhino CrossFit Dawgs, who placed 8th at the North America West Semifinal, has been granted the opportunity to fill the vacant spot at the upcoming CrossFit Games.