2024 CrossFit Open Recap: Highlights, Registration Numbers, and Quarterfinals Qualification

2024 CrossFit Open Recap: Highlights, Registration Numbers, and Quarterfinals Qualification Profile Picture

With the 2024 CrossFit Open officially closed, athletes around the world are reflecting on their performance and looking ahead to the next stage. Whether continuing in the CrossFit Games season or gearing up for local competitions, the Open has showcased incredible determination and commitment.

Registration and Participation Numbers

This year, the CrossFit Open saw a 6 percent growth in registration numbers compared to the previous year, with a total of 343,528 athletes signing up. An impressive 77 percent of registered athletes completed all the workouts, demonstrating a high level of engagement and dedication within the community.

Service Member Participation

The return of the Service Open introduced a new online second stage for service member athletes, highlighting the diversity and inclusivity of the sport. Registrations from various service occupations showcased the dedication and skill of individuals from different backgrounds.

Unaffiliated Athletes

In 2024, the number of unaffiliated athletes slightly increased to 10.59 percent of the field, indicating a growing trend in the community. This shift raises questions about the impact of affiliations on the sport and the evolving landscape of CrossFit.

Qualifying for Quarterfinals

As athletes prepare for the Quarterfinals, the top 25 percent from each region have secured their spots. With diverse representation across different age groups and regions, the competition is set to be intense and exhilarating.

2024 Quarterfinals Details

The Individual and Age Group Quarterfinals are set to begin on April 17th, offering athletes the opportunity to showcase their skills and progress to the next stage. Team Quarterfinals will kick off on April 3rd, with registration and participation details available for all competitors.

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