2024 CrossFit Open Age Group Winners and Highlights

2024 CrossFit Open Age Group Winners and Highlights Profile Picture

The 2024 CrossFit Open has concluded, showcasing remarkable displays of endurance, strength, and mental toughness across all age groups. Let’s dive into the standout performers and key highlights from this year’s event.

Age 14-15

In the Boys category, Pablo Tronchon emerged victorious with 11 points, followed by Mourad Katy and Maddox Metcalf. On the Girls side, Keira McManus clinched the top spot with 12 points, edging out Addy Gadoci and Leticia Cerqueira.

Age 16-17

RJ Mestre dominated the Boys division, securing first place in all three workouts. Kendall Gilmore stood out in the Girls category, tying in points with Bergrós Björnsdóttir but securing the win through a tiebreaker.

Age 35-39

Carmen Perez Ruiz claimed victory in the Women’s division by a single point over Kristin Holte. In the Men’s category, Will Moorad, a seasoned athlete transitioning to the masters division, emerged triumphant.

Age 40-44

Giulia Roggio and Michael Laverriere emerged as the champions in the Women’s and Men’s divisions, respectively, showcasing their exceptional performance throughout the Open.

Age 45-49

Val Voboril and Caine Hayes led the Women’s and Men’s categories, highlighting their prowess in the demanding workouts of the CrossFit Open.

Age 50-54

Janet Black and Jamie Mcgarva showed exceptional strength and determination, securing the top positions in the Women’s and Men’s divisions.

Age 55-59

Francoise Mahier and Antonio Boldrini shone in the Women’s and Men’s categories, demonstrating their mastery in fitness and athleticism.

Age 60-64

Laurie Meschishnick and Stuart Swanson excelled in the Women’s and Men’s divisions, showcasing their dedication to CrossFit and impressive athletic abilities.

Age 65-Plus

Patricia McGill and Calvin Cherrington emerged victorious, proving that age is no barrier to achieving greatness in CrossFit.

Age 70-Plus (unofficial division)

The inaugural 70-plus age group featured outstanding performances from top athletes like Pam Salazar, Thomas Ackerman, and more, underscoring the inclusive and inspiring nature of CrossFit.

The 2024 CrossFit Open saw a diverse range of athletes showcase their skills and determination, embodying the spirit of the CrossFit community. As we celebrate the achievements of these athletes, we look forward to witnessing their continued success in the world of CrossFit.