2024 CrossFit Games Updates: Cuts Announced for Individuals and Teams

2024 CrossFit Games Updates: Cuts Announced for Individuals and Teams Profile Picture

With 36 days remaining until the commencement of the 2024 CrossFit Games, exciting updates have emerged regarding the competition format. The CrossFit organization has unveiled plans for substantial cuts that will impact both individual athletes and teams participating in the prestigious event in Fort Worth, Texas from August 8-11.

2024 CrossFit Games Cut Schedules for Individuals

On Thursday and Friday, all individual athletes will showcase their prowess in pursuit of the ultimate prize. However, the intensity escalates on Saturday with two significant cuts that will determine the top contenders.

By Saturday morning, the field of 40 athletes will undergo a reduction, leaving 30 competitors after a series of events. Following the conclusion of the last event on Saturday, only 20 athletes will remain in the running for the coveted title of Fittest on Earth.

This stringent elimination process means that half of the initial participants will have their dreams dashed before completing all events.

2024 CrossFit Games Cut Schedules for Teams

Teams will face a similarly grueling path to success, with cuts looming at strategic points in the competition. Only 33% of the teams that initially began will have the opportunity to compete on the final day.

The competition for teams commences with 30 teams on Thursday and Friday. By Saturday, the field will be pared down to 20 teams, with only the top 10 teams progressing to compete on Sunday.

Presumably, the team cuts will occur at the culmination of the events on Friday evening and Saturday evening, ensuring that only the most resilient and skilled teams advance to the final stage.

These updates set the stage for a thrilling and challenging 2024 CrossFit Games, where athletes and teams will push themselves beyond their limits to claim the title of Fittest on Earth. Stay tuned for more updates and coverage from the upcoming event!