2024 CrossFit Games Event 1 Revealed: Run Swim Challenge Unveiled

2024 CrossFit Games Event 1 Revealed: Run Swim Challenge Unveiled Profile Picture

Individual Event 1 of the 2024 CrossFit Games has been revealed to be the challenging ‘Run Swim’ event. While specific details are still awaited, it is confirmed that athletes will tackle a four-mile course that combines both running and swimming elements.

Exciting Venue

The event will take place at the picturesque Marine Creek Lake, providing a stunning backdrop for the competition. The lake spans 250 acres and offers multiple entry points, including boat docks and easy access points from the trail surrounding the lake.

Course Details

A segment of the challenging 6.0-mile Marine Creek Park Trail will form part of the four-mile course for the athletes. The trail is known for being moderately challenging and exposed with limited shade, adding an extra layer of difficulty to the event.

Physical Demands

Athletes will first take on the four-mile run before plunging into the lake for a swim of unspecified distance. While motorized vehicles are not permitted on the lake, non-motorized options like kayaks and paddleboats will be allowed for the event.

Event Logistics

The Marine Creek Lake is located just an 8.8-mile drive north of Dickies Arena, making it easily accessible for competitors and spectators alike. It is free for public use, but events with over 100 people require a permit for access to the trail and lake.