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Zak Carchedi

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69 in

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184 lb

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United States

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Early Life and Background of Zak Carchedi

Zak Carchedi, a name now synonymous with CrossFit excellence, embarked on his athletic journey long before he discovered CrossFit. A former collegiate football player, Zak’s competitive spirit and physical prowess were evident early on. Transitioning from the gridiron to the CrossFit box, Zak began his CrossFit journey in 2013, quickly demonstrating his dedication and athletic versatility.

Zak Carchedi’s CrossFit Journey

After a year competing in team competitions, Zak made a significant impact on the CrossFit scene. In 2014, just a year after starting CrossFit, he took eighth in his first individual appearance at the North Central Regional. His determination and hard work paid off as he continued to be a top performer at the Central Regional, leading to his CrossFit Games debut in 2016. Zak’s commitment to the sport and his rapid progression from a regional competitor to a Games athlete highlights his remarkable athletic development and dedication.

Competitive Achievements of Zak Carchedi

Zak Carchedi’s competitive resume is impressive, with notable performances at both the regional and international levels. At the Central Regional, Zak consistently showcased his elite fitness, finishing 5th in 2017 and 4th in 2016, demonstrating his competitiveness among the CrossFit elite. His CrossFit Games appearances in 2016 and 2017, where he finished 23rd and 30th respectively, mark him as one of the sport’s formidable competitors. Zak’s achievements are a testament to his hard work, with his best performances including a 1st place finish in an event at the 2016 Games and multiple top 10 finishes across his career.

Personal Life of Zak Carchedi

Off the competition floor, Zak has made Florida his home, where he contributes to the CrossFit community as a coach at CrossFit Soul Miami. His journey from a collegiate football player to a celebrated CrossFit coach and athlete exemplifies his passion for fitness and dedication to the CrossFit lifestyle. Zak’s influence extends beyond his athletic achievements, inspiring athletes and CrossFitters with his commitment to excellence and the sport.

Zak’s story is not just one of athletic triumphs but also of personal growth and dedication to a sport that demands the utmost in physical and mental strength. His journey from the football field to the CrossFit arena demonstrates the universal appeal of CrossFit and its capacity to challenge and fulfill athletes from diverse backgrounds.

Zak Carchedi benchmarks

Squat: 475 lb
Clean: 350 lb
Snatch: 285 lb
Deadlift: 515 lb
Fran: 150 s
Grace: 105 s
Helen: 510 s
Run 5k: 1260 s
Max Pull-ups: 55 reps

Zak Carchedi stats

Open 201814807434%227562Men
Games 20173023%39Men
Central 2017587%40Men
Open 20171699%214519Men
Games 20162342%40Men
Central 2016490%40Men
Open 20161399%178510Men
Central 20151465%40Men
Open 201515799%153272Men
North Central 2014881%44Men
Open 201427699%80284Men
Open 2013322893%52169Men

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