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164 cm

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60 kg

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Introduction to Zaida Amade

Zaida Amade is a remarkable athlete who has made a name for herself within the CrossFit community. Originating from Mozambique, she represents a growing force of CrossFit athletes emerging from different corners of the globe. Her participation and achievements in the CrossFit Games and Open competitions have set her apart as a dedicated and formidable competitor.

Early Life and Background of Zaida Amade

While specific details about Zaida Amade’s early life and background are not widely documented, her rise in the CrossFit scene speaks volumes about her dedication, resilience, and passion for the sport. Originating from Mozambique, she has become an icon for many in her country aspiring to pursue fitness and CrossFit at a competitive level.

Zaida Amade’s CrossFit Journey

Zaida Amade’s CrossFit journey is a testament to her hard work and commitment to the sport. Competing in the CrossFit Open, she has shown impressive performances over the years. In 2020, she ranked 78,528th worldwide and 20th among women in Mozambique, showcasing her progress and dedication to improving her skills and athletic performance.

Competitive Achievements of Zaida Amade

Zaida Amade has participated in both the CrossFit Games and Open, marking her presence on the international stage. In 2019, she achieved a notable rank of 117th at the CrossFit Games and was ranked 67,012th in the CrossFit Open, demonstrating her competitive spirit and athleticism. Her achievements are particularly inspiring, highlighting her as a leading figure in CrossFit within Mozambique and on a global scale.

Personal Life of Zaida Amade

Details about Zaida Amade’s personal life remain private, reflecting her focus on her athletic career and contributions to the CrossFit community. As an athlete, her journey and accomplishments continue to inspire many, both within and beyond the CrossFit arena.

Zaida Amade’s story is one of determination, hard work, and the pursuit of excellence in the world of CrossFit. Her achievements not only highlight her as an athlete but also serve as an inspiration to others in Mozambique and around the world to pursue their passions in fitness and competitive sports.

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Zaida Amade stats

Open 2020986017%11941Women (40-44)
Games 20191189%131Women
Open 2019729158%17761Women (40-44)

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