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Zach Watts

Zach Watts Age

[display_age_from_date birthdate="1996-02-20"]

Zach Watts Height

72 in

Zach Watts Weight

205 lb

Zach Watts Country

United States

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CrossFit Illuminate

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Early Life and Background of Zach Watts

Zach Watts’ journey to becoming a CrossFit sensation began in Wyoming. Growing up, Watts was always passionate about fitness and sports. His early life in Wyoming, a place known for its rugged terrain and outdoor lifestyle, set the stage for his future endeavors in CrossFit.

CrossFit Journey of Zach Watts

Zach Watts made a remarkable entry into the CrossFit world, demonstrating his dedication and resilience. Despite balancing a full-time job as a medical sales representative, he maintained a rigorous training schedule. Watts trained before work at 6 am and then again after work from 5 pm for two to three hours, showcasing his commitment to the sport. His discipline and hard work paid off when he qualified for his first CrossFit Games after competing at the Mid-Atlantic CrossFit Challenge in Knoxville, TN. Watts’ performance at the Semifinals was noteworthy, with an event win with a 310 pound snatch and consistent top six finishes, securing his ticket to the Games.

Competitive Achievements of Zach Watts

Zach Watts has shown impressive performances in CrossFit competitions. A notable achievement was his first-place finish in the Barbell Complex event at the 2022 Mid Atlantic CrossFit Challenge, where he lifted a total of 335 lbs, comprising 3 cleans, 2 front squats, and 1 jerk. This victory not only demonstrated his strength but also his strategic approach to the sport. His journey to the CrossFit Games, despite training for only 2 hours per day, is a testament to his exceptional athletic abilities and mental fortitude.

Personal Life of Zach Watts

Outside of CrossFit, Zach Watts leads a fulfilling personal life. He is married to his high school sweetheart and is a dedicated family man, often citing his wife as his primary support system and a source of joy. Watts also has a keen interest in nutrition, focusing on macro timing rather than fully counting macros. His favorite CrossFit athlete is Mat Fraser, whom he admires for his dominance and confidence in competitions. Additionally, Watts is the proud owner of CrossFit Illuminate in Loveland, Ohio, where he contributes to the fitness community by sharing his experience and expertise.

Zach Watts benchmarks

Squat: 470 lb
Clean: 382 lb
Snatch: 315 lb
Deadlift: 525 lb
Max Pull-ups: 75 reps

Zach Watts stats

Individual Quarterfinal 202326696%7963Men
Open 202321799%169449Men
Mid-Atlantic CrossFit Challenge 20222226%30Men
Individual Quarterfinals 202215497%7274Men
Open 202281799%154815Men
Games 20213025%40Men
Mid-Atlantic CrossFit Challenge 2021583%30Men
Individual Quarterfinals 202114698%8011Men
Open 202134299%137461Men
Open 202016099%133874Men
Central 20183219%40Men
Open 201810499%227562Men
Central 20173219%40Men
Open 201721999%214519Men
Open 2016143199%178510Men
Open 2015486296%153272Men

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