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Vilija Teel

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66 in

Vilija Teel Weight

140 lb

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Patriot CrossFit

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Introduction to Vilija Teel

Vilija Teel stands out as a remarkable CrossFit athlete hailing from Lithuania, showcasing her prowess and dedication in the CrossFit community. With a journey that spans several years in the competitive CrossFit arena, Teel has made significant strides, marking her presence on the global stage. Her commitment to CrossFit is evident through her participation in various competitions, including the prestigious CrossFit Games, and her role as a coach, inspiring others in their fitness journeys.

Early Life and Background of Vilija Teel

While specific details about Vilija Teel’s early life and how she embarked on her CrossFit journey are not extensively documented, her achievements in the sport illustrate a background of determination, athleticism, and a deep passion for fitness. Originating from Lithuania, Teel has become a prominent figure in the CrossFit community, both locally and internationally.

Vilija Teel’s CrossFit Journey

Vilija Teel’s CrossFit journey is marked by her consistent performance and improvement over the years. Notably, her participation in the CrossFit Games and various qualifying events highlights her dedication to the sport. Teel’s achievements include reaching the semifinals in the 2022 CrossFit Age Group Qualifier, finishing 25th, and her performance in the quarterfinals in previous years, demonstrating her competitive edge and resilience.

Competitive Achievements of Vilija Teel

Teel’s competitive record is commendable, with her participation in the 2019 CrossFit Games, where she finished 113th. This participation underscores her status as a top athlete, not just in Lithuania, but on a global scale. Her performance in the CrossFit Open over the years shows significant progress, moving from 11,048th in 2018 to 2,336th in 2022 among women in her age category, illustrating her growth and dedication to the sport. Additionally, her role as a coach at Patriot CrossFit, sharing her expertise and passion for the sport, further solidifies her influence within the CrossFit community.

Personal Life of Vilija Teel

While much of Vilija Teel’s personal life remains private, her accomplishments in CrossFit speak volumes about her character. As a coach at Patriot CrossFit, Teel not only competes at a high level but also dedicates herself to training others, highlighting her commitment to the CrossFit community and her desire to inspire and uplift those around her.

Through her achievements and dedication, Vilija Teel continues to be a source of inspiration within the CrossFit community, demonstrating that with hard work and perseverance, one can achieve greatness in the sport.

Vilija Teel benchmarks

Squat: 205 lb
Clean: 145 lb
Snatch: 110 lb
Deadlift: 305 lb
Grace: 141 s
Helen: 516 s
Filthy 50: 2064 s
Fight Gone Bad: 276 reps

Vilija Teel stats

Age Group Quarterfinal 202311682%668Women (45-49)
Open 2023446796%132782Women
Age Group Semifinal 20222516%30Women (45-49)
Age Group Quarterfinals 20222795%548Women (45-49)
Open 2022233698%122177Women
Online Qualifier 20216887%552Women (45-49)
Open 2021290797%108644Women
Open 2020317496%94157Women
Games 201911313%131Women
Open 201935797%17761Women (40-44)
Open 201869596%19854Women (40-44)
Open 20171059293%159565Women
Open 20161185990%130154Women
Open 20151548085%108764Women
Open 20141254475%52076Women

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