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Valerie Voboril

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62 in

Valerie Voboril Weight

135 lb

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United States

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Early Life and Background of Valerie Voboril

Valerie Voboril’s strength and resilience were evident from an early age. Even as a child, she was the go-to person among her friends for opening tight jars, a testament to her natural strength. Despite her physical capabilities, Voboril struggled to find her place in traditional sports, experimenting with recreational gymnastics and softball but never quite finding success in competitive environments due to the pressure of game situations. It wasn’t until she discovered CrossFit that Voboril found her true calling, transforming her early struggles into a foundation for her later achievements.

Valerie Voboril’s CrossFit Journey

Valerie Voboril’s introduction to CrossFit marked a turning point in her life. Starting CrossFit just three months before the 2009 SoCal Regional, she quickly learned to channel her nervous energy into performance. A pivotal moment came when a friend advised her to take in her surroundings during competition, helping her to overcome her anxiety and focus on the present moment. This strategy led to a notable performance in the 2009 CrossFit Games, where she demonstrated incredible determination by completing a grueling trail run despite suffering from heat stroke. Voboril’s journey through CrossFit is a testament to her resilience, overcoming obstacles such as a forced withdrawal from her first Games appearance and balancing her career as a full-time teacher and mother.

Competitive Achievements of Valerie Voboril

Valerie Voboril’s competitive spirit and dedication to CrossFit have led to numerous achievements. Notably, she placed third at the 2010 CrossFit Games, showcasing her exceptional fitness and determination. After taking a brief hiatus in 2011 to welcome her daughter, she returned to competition stronger than ever, proving her mettle by securing a top finish in the 2012 Reebok CrossFit Games and again in 2013. Voboril’s unique approach to training, focusing on enjoyment and limiting her sessions to an hour a day, underscores her belief that balance and fun are key to success in CrossFit.

Personal Life and Balance

Valerie Voboril embodies the spirit of a true athlete, balancing her personal life, career, and competitive ambitions with grace. As a mother, she faced the challenges of returning to elite competition after pregnancy, navigating the complexities of training while ensuring her daughter grew up in a supportive, health-focused environment. Voboril’s journey back to the CrossFit Games after becoming a mother is a source of inspiration for many, demonstrating that with determination and a strong support system, it is possible to achieve greatness on multiple fronts.

Voboril’s story is not just about her physical accomplishments but also her mental resilience and ability to inspire those around her. Her approach to training, competition, and life offers valuable lessons on perseverance, balance, and the joy of pursuing one’s passions.

Valerie Voboril benchmarks

Squat: 250 lb
Clean: 210 lb
Snatch: 155 lb
Deadlift: 315 lb
Fran: 160 s
Helen: 480 s
Filthy 50: 1500 s
Sprint 400m: 80 s
Run 5k: 1260 s
Fight Gone Bad: 310 reps
Max Pull-ups: 50 reps

Valerie Voboril stats

Occupational Games 202244017%536Women
Age Group Quarterfinals 20221398%863Women (40-44)
Open 202254299%122177Women
Open 202126899%108644Women
Online Qualifier 2020498%200Women (40-44)
Open 202026099%94157Women
Games 20173219%40Women
California 2017489%38Women
Online Qualifier 2017796%200Women (35-39)
Open 20172499%28074Women (35-39)
Open 2016null0%130154Women
California 20151560%38Women
Open 201513699%108764Women
Games 2014588%43Women
Southern California 2014197%35Women
Open 2014699%52076Women
Games 2013393%44Women
Southern California 2013391%37Women
Open 20134399%32643Women
Games 2012588%45Women
Southern California 2012392%39Women
Open 20125399%14217Women
Open 2011126671%4506Women
Games 2010393%45Women
Games 2009702%72Women

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