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[display_age_from_date birthdate="1987-10-02"]

Tyson Takasaki Height

73 in

Tyson Takasaki Weight

205 lb

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Early Life and Background of Tyson Takasaki

Tyson Takasaki’s journey into the world of CrossFit is marked by his initial involvement with collegiate football, a testament to his athletic prowess from a young age. Hailing from Victoria, British Columbia, Takasaki’s early athletic endeavors laid a solid foundation for his eventual transition to CrossFit. His involvement in collegiate football, alongside his studies, showcases his dedication and the balance he maintained between academics and athletics.

CrossFit Journey of Tyson Takasaki

Tyson Takasaki’s CrossFit journey is a compelling story of resilience and determination. After missing out on the CrossFit Games qualification by just one point in 2011 and then again facing disappointment in 2012, Takasaki’s relentless pursuit of excellence finally paid off. His third attempt saw him qualifying for the CrossFit Games, representing Canada West. This breakthrough was a significant milestone, marking his transition from a collegiate athlete to a formidable name in the CrossFit arena. The shift from playing collegiate football to focusing solely on CrossFit allowed him to dedicate his efforts and training towards excelling in the sport, illustrating his adaptability and commitment to growth.

Competitive Achievements of Tyson Takasaki

Tyson Takasaki’s competitive track record in CrossFit is noteworthy. Participating in the CrossFit Games multiple times, with placements including 23rd in 2013, 37th in 2014, and 19th in 2015, Takasaki has demonstrated consistent performance and improvement over the years. His journey through regional competitions, battling for qualification and finally making it to the Games, highlights his competitive spirit and dedication. Notably, his performance in the 2014 Canada West Regional showcases his strategic approach to competition, overcoming challenges and utilizing his experience to secure a spot at the Games. Takasaki’s achievements in the CrossFit Games underscore his strength, endurance, and skill, making him a respected competitor in the sport.

Personal Life and Training Philosophy of Tyson Takasaki

Off the competition floor, Tyson Takasaki’s personal life and training philosophy reflect his grounded nature and focus on community. His transition from being a “CrossFit orphan” to finding a home at CrossFit 204 in Winnipeg speaks volumes of his journey towards finding his place in the CrossFit community. Takasaki values the support and camaraderie found within this community, acknowledging the significant role it plays in his competitive and personal growth. His training philosophy, characterized by a blend of intensity, humility, and a focus on addressing weaknesses, showcases his holistic approach to preparation. Takasaki’s commitment to improving in areas like swimming and gymnastics, alongside his enjoyment of the sport and competition, illustrates his balanced approach to training and life.

Tyson Takasaki benchmarks

Squat: 462 lb
Clean: 350 lb
Snatch: 305 lb
Fran: 124 s
Helen: 421 s
Filthy 50: 936 s
Fight Gone Bad: 484 reps

Tyson Takasaki stats

Open 20214819464%137461Men
Open 20209087632%133874Men
Open 201910040248%195562Men
Open 201850099%227562Men
West 20171075%40Men
Open 201727799%214519Men
West 20161075%40Men
Open 201666899%178510Men
Games 20151952%40Men
West 2015489%39Men
Open 201526399%153272Men
Games 20143713%43Men
Canada West 2014295%44Men
Open 2014105698%80284Men
Games 20132351%47Men
Canada West 2013294%38Men
Open 201325899%52169Men
Canada West 2012683%37Men
Open 201210699%25027Men
Open 201124697%8620Men

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