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Taylor Streid

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Taylor Streid Height

65 in

Taylor Streid Weight

140 lb

Taylor Streid Country

United States

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Blues City CrossFit

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Early Life and Background of Taylor Streid

Taylor Streid, a CrossFit athlete known for her resilience and determination, transitioned from a collegiate swimmer to a CrossFit enthusiast while attending physical therapy school. Initially seeking a new challenge beyond her routine swimming and running exercises, Taylor discovered CrossFit and was immediately captivated by its dynamic nature. Her journey into CrossFit began earnestly while she was still pursuing her education in physical therapy, marking the start of a passion that would eventually see her rise to the ranks of elite CrossFit athletes.

Taylor Streid’s CrossFit Journey

Streid’s CrossFit journey is a testament to her tenacity and drive. Overcoming significant challenges, including a broken rib during the 2017 Regionals, Taylor has competed in the Central Regionals four times, showcasing her growth and determination in the sport. Her transition from individual competition to team events highlights her versatility and team spirit, particularly her participation with Mayhem Independence in 2020 and later with Blues City CrossFit. Taylor’s background as a physical therapist not only aids in her physical preparation and recovery but also imbues her with a deep understanding of the body’s mechanics, contributing to her success and longevity in the sport.

Competitive Achievements of Taylor Streid

Taylor Streid’s competitive record is impressive, marked by her participation and achievements in various CrossFit competitions. Her journey includes qualifying for the CrossFit Games as an individual in 2019, with Mayhem Independence in 2020, and with her gym’s team, Blues City CrossFit, showcasing her adaptability and prowess in both individual and team formats. Notable performances include a 9th place finish at the 2019 Wodapalooza and overcoming obstacles to qualify for the CrossFit Games, underscoring her competitive spirit and dedication to the sport.

Personal Life of Taylor Streid

Outside of her CrossFit career, Taylor Streid balances her professional life as a physical therapist with her rigorous training schedule. Her personal experiences with injuries and recovery have not only shaped her career but also her approach to CrossFit, allowing her to train smarter and prioritize her health. Taylor’s commitment to her profession and sport exemplifies her passion and dedication, making her a respected member of the CrossFit community and an inspiration to athletes and non-athletes alike.

Taylor Streid benchmarks

Squat: 280 lb
Clean: 230 lb
Snatch: 185 lb
Deadlift: 305 lb
Fran: 167 s
Grace: 97 s
Filthy 50: 1391 s
Run 5k: 1390 s

Taylor Streid stats

Individual Quarterfinals 20227998%5279Women
Open 202210499%122177Women
Individual Quarterfinals 202112297%5936Women
Open 20217699%108644Women
Open 20205799%94157Women
Games 20196153%131Women
Open 20197399%146363Women
Central 2018782%40Women
Open 201810299%171976Women
Central 2017392%40Women
Open 20177399%159565Women
Central 20162047%38Women
Open 201621199%130154Women
Open 201549499%108764Women
Open 2014234795%52076Women

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