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Stavri Stavrev

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170 cm

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80 kg

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Introduction to Stavri Stavrev

Stavri Stavrev stands out in the CrossFit community, not just for his remarkable athletic achievements but also for his contributions as a certified nutritionist and coach. His journey in CrossFit is marked by consistent improvement and a passion for the sport, making him a figure of inspiration within the community.

Early Life and Background of Stavri Stavrev

Details about Stavri Stavrev’s early life and how he found his way to CrossFit are less documented. However, his progression in the sport illustrates a deep commitment and natural talent for physical challenges, which likely stems from a solid foundation built in his formative years.

Stavri Stavrev’s CrossFit Journey

Stavri’s CrossFit journey is a testament to his dedication and hard work. He has participated in the CrossFit Open, improving his standings year over year. His performance in the 2019 CrossFit Games as the first and only Bulgarian to participate highlights his status as a top-tier athlete within the global CrossFit arena.

Competitive Achievements of Stavri Stavrev

Stavri has shown remarkable progress in his CrossFit career. His Open rankings have seen a steady climb, with notable placements such as 1st in Bulgaria in 2019 and consistently high rankings in Europe. His participation in the 2019 CrossFit Games, finishing 90th among the world’s best athletes, is a significant milestone. Additionally, his individual quarterfinal rankings showcase his competitive spirit and athletic prowess on a global scale.

Personal Life and Nutrition Expertise of Stavri Stavrev

Apart from his competitive achievements, Stavri is also a certified nutritionist and coach. He has shared his expertise on macro and micronutrients, emphasizing the importance of a balanced diet for optimal performance and health. His approach to nutrition is holistic, focusing on the essential roles of carbohydrates, proteins, fats, and fibers in an athlete’s diet. His advice on nutrition not only benefits his athletic performance but also serves as valuable guidance for anyone looking to improve their health and fitness through diet.

Stavri Stavrev is not just a remarkable CrossFit athlete; he is also a guide and mentor to many in the realms of fitness and nutrition. His journey in CrossFit and his dedication to a well-rounded approach to health and fitness make him an inspiring figure in the community.

Stavri Stavrev benchmarks

Squat: 180 kg
Clean: 125 kg
Snatch: 95 kg
Deadlift: 200 kg
Fran: 136 s
Sprint 400m: 66 s
Run 5k: 1221 s
Max Pull-ups: 60 reps

Stavri Stavrev stats

Individual Quarterfinal 2023102087%7963Men
Open 202380799%169449Men
Individual Quarterfinals 2022159978%7274Men
Open 2022483396%154815Men
Individual Quarterfinals 202172190%8011Men
Open 2021352397%137461Men
Open 2020121799%133874Men
Games 20199037%144Men
Open 201992599%195562Men
Open 2018569497%227562Men
Open 2017729596%214519Men

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