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Sion Brinn

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Sion Brinn Height

74 in

Sion Brinn Weight

189 lb

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Be CrossFit

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Early Life and Background of Sion Brinn

Every athlete has a unique beginning, and Sion Brinn’s early years laid the foundation for his future in CrossFit. Growing up in [Location], Sion was involved in sports from a young age, showing a natural aptitude for physical challenges and a competitive spirit. This section would delve into his upbringing, education, and the initial spark that led him to pursue CrossFit as a career.

The CrossFit Journey of Sion Brinn

Sion Brinn’s transition into CrossFit is a story of determination, hard work, and the relentless pursuit of excellence. Starting from his first encounter with CrossFit to becoming a notable figure in the community, this section highlights the milestones of his fitness career. It would also explore the challenges he faced, the successes he achieved, and his contributions to the CrossFit community.

Competitive Achievements of Sion Brinn

With a career filled with remarkable accomplishments, Sion Brinn has made his mark in the CrossFit world. This section outlines his competitive history, from local competitions to national championships, and possibly international platforms like the CrossFit Games. It’s essential to detail the awards, records, and personal bests that showcase his growth and prowess as an athlete.

Personal Life of Sion Brinn

Behind every athlete is a personal story that shapes their professional journey. Sion Brinn’s personal life, including his interests outside of CrossFit, family, and how he maintains a balance between his professional and personal life, offers a closer look at the person behind the athlete. This section adds depth to his profile, making him more relatable to fans and followers.

Sion Brinn benchmarks

Squat: 330 lb
Clean: 245 lb
Snatch: 205 lb
Deadlift: 455 lb
Run 5k: 1245 s

Sion Brinn stats

Age Group Quarterfinal 202344527%614Men (50-54)
Open 20232685584%169449Men
Open 20221243991%154815Men
Online Qualifier 202113482%760Men (45-49)
Open 20211101491%137461Men
Online Qualifier 20207562%200Men (45-49)
Open 2020518696%133874Men
Games 201910328%144Men
Online Qualifier 20192985%200Men (45-49)
Open 20194999%15940Men (45-49)
Online Qualifier 20184876%200Men (45-49)
Open 20184799%16816Men (45-49)
Open 20171048795%214519Men
Open 201621898%20895Men (40-44)
Open 20151556189%153272Men

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