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Simon Mäntylä

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Simon Mäntylä Height

181 cm

Simon Mäntylä Weight

95 kg

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CrossFit Mejeriet

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Early Life and Background of Simon Mäntylä

Simon Mäntylä, a revered name in the CrossFit community, hails from a small town in the north of Sweden. He engaged in various sports during his childhood, ranging from downhill skiing and martial arts to basketball. However, his journey took a significant turn when he discovered CrossFit in 2012, a moment that marked the beginning of his profound commitment to the sport.

Simon Mäntylä’s CrossFit Journey

Embarking on his CrossFit path in 2012, Mäntylä quickly found his stride in the sport. Despite being legally half-blind, which presented unique challenges in sports requiring precise depth perception, he refused to let this define him. Instead, he turned to CrossFit, a sport where he could leverage his physical capabilities more effectively. His determination saw him winning a local competition early on, and he soon realized his potential to excel in the sport. This realization fueled his dedication, leading him to prioritize CrossFit and make significant strides in his athletic career.

Competitive Achievements of Simon Mäntylä

Mäntylä’s competitive career is marked by impressive achievements. He secured the title of the Fittest Man in Sweden and has participated in numerous major CrossFit competitions, including the prestigious CrossFit Games. In 2019, he had his best season yet, finishing 45th at his debut in the CrossFit Games. Despite encountering obstacles such as injuries and illnesses, including a stress fracture and a severe flu strain, Mäntylä’s resilience and determination have consistently driven him to overcome these challenges and achieve remarkable success in his CrossFit career.

Simon Mäntylä’s Personal Life and Training Philosophy

Alongside his athletic endeavors, Mäntylä is also a passionate and experienced coach with over a decade of coaching under his belt. He emphasizes a unique training philosophy centered around movement, strength, conditioning, and mental focus. His approach is not just about physical prowess but also about developing a resilient and adaptable mindset, essential in both professional sports and personal fitness. Mäntylä’s motto, “Go for what you deserve,” reflects his belief in the power of dedication and hard work in achieving one’s goals, a philosophy that he embodies both as an athlete and a coach.

Simon Mäntylä’s Approach to Training and Recovery

Simon Mäntylä’s training regimen is rigorous and well-rounded, encompassing a minimum of 11 different sessions per week. This includes a diverse range of activities essential for a CrossFit athlete, such as weightlifting, cardio, and swimming. Understanding the importance of recovery in such an intensive training schedule, he incorporates innovative recovery protocols and equipment to maximize his performance and maintain peak physical condition. Mäntylä’s commitment to both training and recovery highlights his holistic approach to fitness and his dedication to excelling in the sport of CrossFit.

Simon Mäntylä benchmarks

Squat: 220 kg
Clean: 165 kg
Snatch: 130 kg
Deadlift: 273 kg
Fran: 115 s

Simon Mäntylä stats

Individual Quarterfinal 202348393%7963Men
Open 202363699%169449Men
CrossFit Strength in Depth 20222028%28Men
Individual Quarterfinals 20227698%7274Men
Open 202250899%154815Men
CrossFit Lowlands Throwdown 20211550%30Men
Individual Quarterfinals 20211799%8011Men
Open 202115399%137461Men
Open 202031799%133874Men
Games 20194568%144Men
Open 20192099%195562Men
Open 20189000560%227562Men
Open 20179188057%214519Men
Open 201628299%178510Men
Meridian 20152440%40Men
Open 201510199%153272Men
Open 2013150897%52169Men

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