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[display_age_from_date birthdate="1986-12-26"]

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5 in

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185 lb

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CrossFit Towada

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Introduction to Shingo Moromasa

Shingo Moromasa, a distinguished name in the CrossFit community, embarked on a transformative journey from Japan to the United States with a dream of achieving greatness beyond his early careers as a stuntman and football player. His discovery of CrossFit marked the beginning of an inspiring athletic journey that led him to become a formidable competitor and a passionate coach.

Early Life and Background of Shingo Moromasa

Born in Japan, Moromasa’s early career was as vibrant as his personality. From working as a stuntman at Tokyo Disney Sea at the tender age of 18 to playing national corporate football, Moromasa’s life was full of action and discipline. However, it was his move to the United States in 2011, at 24, that set him on the path to discovering his true passion in CrossFit.

Shingo Moromasa’s CrossFit Journey

Shingo Moromasa’s CrossFit journey began when a roommate introduced him to a CrossFit box, instantly feeling a sense of belonging. His dedication to the sport grew rapidly, leading him to compete in Regional Events in Southern California. Moromasa’s commitment to improvement saw him winning competitions and constantly working on his weaknesses, demonstrating his resilience and determination. His journey came full circle when he decided to bring his learnings back to Japan, contributing significantly to the CrossFit community by coaching at Chikara CrossFit.

Competitive Achievements of Shingo Moromasa

Throughout his competitive career, Moromasa has shown impressive results, including a notable participation in the Asia CrossFit Championship, where he finished strong among top competitors. His dedication to the sport is evident in his competitive record, showing a consistent improvement and a strong presence in both local and international competitions. His achievements reflect his hard work, dedication, and the spirit of the CrossFit community.

Personal Life of Shingo Moromasa

Shingo Moromasa’s personal life is a testament to his dedication and passion for CrossFit. Transitioning from an athlete to a coach, Moromasa finds great joy in helping others achieve their fitness goals, embodying the community spirit of CrossFit. His journey from a stuntman and football player to a celebrated CrossFit athlete and coach highlights his adaptability, resilience, and dedication to personal and professional growth.

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Individual Quarterfinal 2023117885%7963Men
Open 202384299%169449Men
Open 2022456397%154815Men
Open 202069399%133874Men
Games 20196455%144Men
Open 201970599%195562Men
Open 2018108999%227562Men

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