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Shelby Neal

Shelby Neal Age


Shelby Neal Height

62 in

Shelby Neal Weight

150 lb

Shelby Neal Country

United States

Shelby Neal Croosfit box

12th State CrossFit

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Early Life and Background of Shelby Neal

Shelby Neal, a promising talent in the CrossFit community, began her athletic journey with a strong foundation in gymnastics during her childhood. This early exposure to intense physical training instilled in her a robust work ethic and mental fortitude, which she later channeled into her CrossFit career. Balancing her academic pursuits, Shelby is an engineering student at NC State, demonstrating her ability to juggle demanding commitments both in and out of the gym.

Shelby Neal’s CrossFit Journey

Neal’s CrossFit voyage is marked by her impressive transition from a teen athlete to a formidable competitor in adult categories. Starting her CrossFit Games journey in the teen division, she secured 8th place in 2016 and 6th place in 2017 in the 16-17 girls division. Despite facing challenges and missing the Games cut in 2021 and 2022, Shelby’s resilience and dedication led her to a triumphant return, securing a spot in the 2023 CrossFit Games by placing 9th at the North America East Semifinal. Her journey is a testament to her growth, not just as an athlete but as an individual navigating life’s obstacles and reevaluating her passions and career path.

Competitive Achievements of Shelby Neal

Shelby Neal’s competitive achievements highlight her evolution within the CrossFit arena. Her notable performances include a 12th place finish at the 2018 CrossFit Atlantic regional and participation in the CrossFit Games as a teen athlete. In the 2023 season, she ranked 19th at the CrossFit Games, showcasing her skills against some of the best athletes in the world. Neal’s journey through the ranks of CrossFit competitions reflects her hard work, strategic training, and the relentless pursuit of excellence.

Shelby Neal’s Personal Life and Community Impact

Apart from her athletic and academic endeavors, Shelby Neal is deeply integrated into the CrossFit community through her role as a coach at 12th State CrossFit. She focuses on teaching techniques in both Olympic lifting and gymnastics, sharing her knowledge and passion with others. Her personal life includes preparing for adventurous backpacking trips, reflecting her love for exploration and nature. Neal’s commitment to the CrossFit community, her continuous pursuit of personal growth, and her ability to inspire and teach others exemplify the true spirit of CrossFit.

Shelby Neal embodies the resilience, dedication, and community spirit that CrossFit promotes. Her journey from a gymnastics-focused childhood to a prominent CrossFit athlete and coach illustrates the power of perseverance, the importance of community support, and the relentless pursuit of personal and professional goals.

Shelby Neal benchmarks

Squat: 300 lb
Clean: 245 lb
Snatch: 195 lb
Deadlift: 365 lb

Shelby Neal stats

Games 20231952%40Women
North America East Semifinal 2023984%59Women
Individual Quarterfinal 20236698%5710Women
Open 20233999%132782Women
Mid-Atlantic CrossFit Challenge 2022776%30Women
Individual Quarterfinals 20227898%5279Women
Open 20225199%122177Women
Granite Games 20211646%30Women
Individual Quarterfinals 202114897%5936Women
Open 20213499%108644Women
Open 201910038431%146363Women
Atlantic 20181270%40Women
Open 201814099%171976Women
Games 2017670%20Girls (16-17)
Online Qualifier 2017398%200Girls (16-17)
Open 2017105599%159565Women
Games 2016819%10Girls (16-17)
Open 2016999%1883Girls (16-17)
Open 20156691%782Girls (14-15)

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