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182 cm

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88 kg

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Introduction to Severin Irimia

Severin Irimia, a distinguished name in the CrossFit community, embodies the spirit of determination and excellence. With a commendable journey from bodybuilding to becoming a CrossFit coach and athlete, Severin has made significant strides in the world of fitness. His passion for CrossFit is not just about personal achievement but also about inspiring others through coaching and competition.

Early Life and Background of Severin Irimia

Born in Romania, Severin embarked on his fitness journey at the age of 18 with bodybuilding, dedicating six years to the sport. After high school, he began his career as a gym receptionist, quickly moving on to earn a personal trainer certificate level 3 from the Romanian Federation Sport for All. His curiosity and desire for a new challenge led him to discover CrossFit in 2012, marking the start of an illustrious career in this field.

Severin Irimia’s CrossFit Journey

Severin’s CrossFit journey began with a simple television commercial that piqued his interest, leading him to research and eventually immerse himself in CrossFit. Transitioning from bodybuilding in 2014, he showcased his adaptability and prowess by securing the second position at the national classic bodybuilding championship. His career took a significant turn when he moved to Kuwait to work as a CrossFit coach at CrossFit Euphoria and later returned to Romania to continue his coaching career. Severin’s dedication to CrossFit is evident in his progression from a participant to a coach and a competitor on an international scale.

Competitive Achievements of Severin Irimia

Severin Irimia’s competitive record is impressive, with participation in the CrossFit Games, where he has consistently shown remarkable performance. His achievements include qualifying for the CrossFit Games Regionals and securing notable ranks in both worldwide and regional competitions. Severin has been a dominant force in Romania, winning the title of CrossFit Games National Champion multiple times. His competitive spirit and dedication have also seen him succeed in various competitions such as the Athens Throwdown, Cyprus Throwdown, Greg Sport Cup, and the Romanian Throwdown.

Personal Life and Training Philosophy

Apart from his competitive successes, Severin is a Level 1 CrossFit trainer in Timisoara, Romania, where he shares his wealth of knowledge and experience with aspiring athletes. His training philosophy revolves around continuous learning and sharing, emphasizing the importance of community in CrossFit. Severin’s journey from a bodybuilding enthusiast to a celebrated CrossFit coach and athlete highlights his commitment to fitness, his adaptability, and his desire to inspire and lead by example in the CrossFit community.

Severin Irimia’s story is a testament to the transformative power of CrossFit, not just as a sport but as a lifestyle. His achievements, both as an athlete and a coach, underscore the dedication, hard work, and passion that define the heart of the CrossFit community.

Severin Irimia benchmarks

Squat: 165 kg
Clean: 143 kg
Snatch: 123 kg
Deadlift: 215 kg
Fran: 156 s
Grace: 125 s
Run 5k: 1264 s
Max Pull-ups: 51 reps

Severin Irimia stats

Individual Quarterfinal 202362892%7963Men
Open 2023259498%169449Men
Individual Quarterfinals 202252492%7274Men
Open 2022235598%154815Men
Individual Quarterfinals 202160792%8011Men
Open 202193899%137461Men
Open 202066499%133874Men
Games 20197845%144Men
Open 201948799%195562Men
Open 2018101899%227562Men
Open 201780999%214519Men
Meridian 2016369%40Men
Open 201629299%178510Men
Open 2015208998%153272Men
Open 2014null0%80284Men

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