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Seungyeon Choi

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Seungyeon Choi Height

168 cm

Seungyeon Choi Weight

155 lb

Seungyeon Choi Country

Korea, Republic of

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CrossFit Limelight

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Early Life and Background of Seungyeon Choi

Seungyeon Choi emerged as a remarkable talent in CrossFit from South Korea, with an impressive journey that started at the age of 19. Despite not having a significant athletic background, Choi’s dedication to CrossFit quickly set her on the path to success. Her commitment to the sport is supported by her coaching role at CrossFit Limelight, one of South Korea’s most renowned CrossFit gyms. This dedication showcases her rapid ascent in the CrossFit community, making her a source of inspiration for many aspiring athletes in her home country and beyond.

Seungyeon Choi’s CrossFit Journey

Seungyeon Choi’s CrossFit journey began when she signed up for her first CrossFit Open in 2018, marking the start of an impressive athletic career. By 2021, she had already made a name for herself by qualifying for the CrossFit Games, becoming the only athlete from South Korea to achieve this feat. Despite facing the challenges of the pandemic, Choi trained out of California, supported by her community, to ensure her participation in the global event. Her dedication paid off as she placed 34th in her debut at the 2021 NOBULL CrossFit Games, a remarkable achievement for a newcomer.

Competitive Achievements of Seungyeon Choi

Choi has shown a consistent and impressive performance in the CrossFit arena. In 2021, she not only qualified for the CrossFit Games but also captured the hearts of many with her perseverance through injury. Her memorable performance under pressure and injury at the Games underscored her resilience and determination. Following her debut, Choi continued to excel, winning the Far East Throwdown Semifinal in the subsequent season and improving her standings by finishing 26th at the Games. These achievements reflect her growth and potential in the sport.

Personal Life and Training of Seungyeon Choi

Choi’s life in Korea is a testament to her dedication to CrossFit, revolving around a simple yet rigorous routine of waking up, eating, exercising, and sleeping. Despite suffering from a sprained ankle and an injured back, Choi demonstrated unparalleled commitment by performing exceptionally well during the Semifinals, securing her spot in the CrossFit Games for the second consecutive year. Her training, often underplayed as mere ‘exercise,’ highlights her resilience and unwavering focus on her goals.

Seungyeon Choi’s Future in CrossFit

Despite a setback in 2023 due to a shoulder injury, Choi’s ambitions remain high. Her decision to focus on rehabilitation with the aim of coming back stronger in 2024 demonstrates her perseverance and long-term vision for her career in CrossFit. Choi’s journey serves as an inspiring story of overcoming adversity and striving for excellence, making her a beloved figure in the CrossFit community and a promising athlete to watch in the coming years.

Seungyeon Choi benchmarks

Squat: 300 lb
Clean: 250 lb
Snatch: 200 lb
Deadlift: 345 lb

Seungyeon Choi stats

CrossFit Games 20222635%40Women
Far East Throwdown 2022196%27Women
Individual Quarterfinals 20224599%5279Women
Open 202216099%122177Women
Games 20213415%40Women
CrossFit Asia Invitational 2021293%30Women
Individual Quarterfinals 20216398%5936Women
Open 20214499%108644Women
Open 202074099%94157Women
Open 2019128499%146363Women
Open 2018482297%171976Women

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