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Seher Kaya

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Seher Kaya Height

161 cm

Seher Kaya Weight

64 kg

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CrossFit Oslo

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Early Life and Background of Seher Kaya

Born and raised in Norway to Turkish Muslim parents, Seher Kaya was introduced to sports at a young age, despite her cultural background where engaging in sports was not the norm for girls. Her mother, who never had the chance to engage in sports herself, was determined to provide her children with opportunities she lacked, leading Seher to try various sports including handball, badminton, dancing, and swimming. Seher’s journey into CrossFit began after growing tired of handball and seeking a new challenge, eventually leading her to discover and fall in love with CrossFit through a documentary shared by friends.

Seher Kaya’s CrossFit Journey

Seher’s CrossFit journey started with programming her own workouts in 2018 before joining CrossFit Oslo, home to eight-time Games athlete Kristin Holte. She quickly moved from practicing CrossFit-inspired workouts to competing in her first CrossFit competition, the 2019 Strength in Depth in London, just a year after starting CrossFit. Despite only practicing CrossFit for a year, her competitive spirit was evident as she aimed for victory, finishing in 10th place. Her determination only grew from there, leading her to become the fittest woman in Turkey every year since her first Open in 2020.

Competitive Achievements of Seher Kaya

Seher Kaya’s competitive achievements include a dominant performance at the 2023 Asia CrossFit Semifinal in Busan, South Korea, where she claimed victory with a significant lead, showcasing her exceptional skills and determination. Her win at the Far East Throwdown by a decisive 129 points highlighted her dominance in the region and earned her a second straight ticket to the CrossFit Games. Kaya’s journey from her debut at the CrossFit Games in 2022, where she finished 29th, to her aspirations for future competitions, reflects her growth and dedication to the sport.

Personal Life and Inspirational Role

Seher Kaya stands as a beacon of inspiration, particularly within the Muslim community, by challenging norms and showcasing the compatibility of faith with high-level athletic pursuits. Her dedication to both her religion and sport was notably exemplified during Ramadan, where she balanced fasting with training, demonstrating the discipline required to excel in both. Kaya’s story goes beyond her physical achievements, serving as a role model for Muslim women worldwide, proving that dedication to faith and pursuit of athletic excellence can coexist harmoniously.

Seher Kaya benchmarks

Squat: 135 kg
Clean: 100 kg
Deadlift: 180 kg
Snatch: 83 kg

Seher Kaya stats

Games 20232342%40Women
Asia Semifinal 2023196%28Women
Individual Quarterfinal 20239998%5710Women
Open 20238399%132782Women
CrossFit Games 20222927%40Women
Far East Throwdown 2022292%27Women
Individual Quarterfinals 202211697%5279Women
Open 20222099%122177Women
CrossFit Asia Invitational 2021776%30Women
Individual Quarterfinals 202125695%5936Women
Open 202146299%108644Women
Open 2020123998%94157Women

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