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173 cm

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84 kg

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Early Life and Background of Santiago Comba

Santiago Comba, a celebrated figure within the CrossFit community, hails from Uruguay, South America. While specifics about his early life and what initially led him to CrossFit remain shrouded, Santiago’s transition into the sport has marked a significant chapter in his life, showcasing his dedication and passion for fitness and competition.

Santiago Comba’s CrossFit Journey

Santiago’s journey in CrossFit is a testament to his hard work and determination. Over the years, he has made remarkable progress, evident from his participation and performance in numerous competitions. His involvement with CrossFit began to gain significant notice around 2015, indicating his dedication and continuous improvement in the sport.

Competitive Achievements of Santiago Comba

Santiago’s list of achievements is long and impressive. He has been a dominant force in the CrossFit scene, particularly in South America. Notably, Santiago has ranked as the 1st Men in Uruguay in the CrossFit Open multiple times, demonstrating his prowess and leading position in his home country. His performance in the CrossFit Open has seen a notable progression, with rankings like 116th worldwide in 2023 and making substantial improvements from his earlier years in the competition.

Furthermore, Santiago has competed in the CrossFit Games, marking his presence among the elite. In 2019, he achieved a commendable 91st place, showcasing his skills on an international level. His participation in the Individual Quarterfinals and Team Quarterfinals highlights his versatility and commitment to both individual and team categories, with impressive rankings such as 10th in Men South America during the 2022 Individual Quarterfinals. Santiago’s involvement with teams like Sense Fitness CrossFit Mayhem Soul, where they ranked 1st in Team South America in the 2023 Team Quarterfinal, underscores his collaborative spirit and ability to excel in team dynamics.

Personal Life of Santiago Comba

Off the competitive floor, Santiago leads a life that balances the intensity of his training with personal endeavors. While specific details of his personal life are kept private, it’s clear that Santiago embodies the values of the CrossFit community, prioritizing health, fitness, and a steadfast commitment to personal growth and excellence.

Santiago Comba benchmarks

Squat: 210 kg
Clean: 153 kg
Snatch: 120 kg
Deadlift: 240 kg

Santiago Comba stats

Open 202311699%169449Men
CrossFit Copa Sur 20222226%30Men
Individual Quarterfinals 202214897%7274Men
Open 202232599%154815Men
Brazil CrossFit Championship 20211260%30Men
Individual Quarterfinals 202116497%8011Men
Open 202120199%137461Men
Open 20203712672%133874Men
Games 20199136%144Men
Open 201957099%195562Men
Open 201854799%227562Men
Open 2017563297%214519Men
Open 2016452797%178510Men
Open 2015350497%153272Men

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