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Royce Dunne

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183 cm

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102 kg

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CrossFit Torian

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Introduction to Royce Dunne

Royce Dunne, a formidable presence in the CrossFit arena, is not just known for his impressive physical stature but also for his significant achievements in the sport. An ex-Australian Football player turned CrossFit athlete, Dunne has made a mark with his dedication, strength, and performance. As the head coach at CrossFit Torian in Bowen Hills, Australia, Dunne embodies the spirit of CrossFit, pushing boundaries and setting new benchmarks.

Early Life and Background

Before his CrossFit fame, Royce Dunne was immersed in the world of Australian Football, showcasing his athletic prowess on the field. Transitioning from football to CrossFit, Dunne found a new avenue to channel his athleticism and competitive spirit. His journey from the football field to the CrossFit gym highlights his versatile athletic background and dedication to fitness.

Royce Dunne’s CrossFit Journey

Royce Dunne’s CrossFit journey is a testament to his hard work and dedication. Starting his CrossFit career with a modest ranking in his first CrossFit Open, Dunne quickly climbed the ranks, making significant strides in the subsequent years. His progression from a newcomer in the CrossFit community to a seasoned athlete is marked by his impressive performances at the CrossFit Games, including individual and team competitions. Dunne’s training with Team CrossFit Mayhem Independence further exemplifies his commitment to excellence and teamwork in the sport.

Competitive Achievements of Royce Dunne

Royce Dunne’s competitive record is nothing short of remarkable. With multiple appearances at the CrossFit Games, both as an individual and as part of a team, Dunne has demonstrated his athletic capabilities on the world stage. Notably, his performance at the 2018 CrossFit Games, where he took first place in the “CrossFit Total” event, showcases his strength and proficiency in the sport. Dunne’s achievements extend beyond individual accolades, contributing significantly to his teams’ successes at various CrossFit competitions.

Personal Life and Training Regime

Outside of his competitive achievements, Royce Dunne’s personal life and training regime reflect his dedication to the CrossFit lifestyle. As a head coach, Dunne not only trains to push his limits but also mentors others to reach their potential. His strength numbers, including a 470lb back squat, 220lb strict press, and 565lb deadlift, underscore his physical prowess and dedication to maintaining peak fitness. Dunne’s balanced approach to training, competition, and coaching illustrates his holistic commitment to the sport of CrossFit.

In summary, Royce Dunne stands as a towering figure in CrossFit, not just in physical stature but also in his contributions to the sport. His journey from Australian Football to CrossFit stardom, marked by impressive competitive achievements and a commitment to coaching, showcases his multifaceted talent and dedication. Dunne’s story is a source of inspiration for athletes and fitness enthusiasts alike, embodying the true spirit of CrossFit.

Royce Dunne benchmarks

Squat: 496 lb
Clean: 397 lb
Snatch: 308 lb
Deadlift: 600 lb
Fran: 127 s
Grace: 90 s
Helen: 449 s
Sprint 400m: 63 s
Run 5k: 1410 s
Max Pull-ups: 70 reps

Royce Dunne stats

Open 202347699%169449Men
Last-Chance Qualifier 2022870%27Men
Torian Pro 2022486%30Men
Individual Quarterfinals 202213198%7274Men
Open 202260499%154815Men
Games 20211660%40Men
Torian Pro 2021196%30Men
Individual Quarterfinals 202112198%8011Men
Open 202152299%137461Men
Open 202018399%133874Men
Open 20198599%195562Men
Games 20183415%40Men
Pacific 2018490%40Men
Open 201838999%227562Men
Pacific 20171465%40Men
Open 201741699%214519Men
Open 201668199%178510Men
Open 2015165698%153272Men
Open 2014447194%80284Men
Open 20131581869%52169Men

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