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Rodrigo Beltrán

Rodrigo Beltrán Age


Rodrigo Beltrán Height

187 cm

Rodrigo Beltrán Weight

185 lb

Rodrigo Beltrán Country

El Salvador

Rodrigo Beltrán Croosfit box

RD CrossFit

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Introduction to Rodrigo Beltrán

Meet Rodrigo Beltrán, a beacon of CrossFit in El Salvador, whose dedication and prowess have not only made him a celebrated athlete but also a cornerstone of the CrossFit community. As one of the first Salvadorans to compete in the CrossFit Games, Rodrigo has inspired many with his journey from local competitions to the global stage, embodying the spirit of perseverance and passion that CrossFit espouses.

Early Life and Background of Rodrigo Beltrán

Rodrigo embarked on his fitness journey with a background in soccer, a sport he played from a young age. Despite his involvement in team sports, it wasn’t until he discovered CrossFit in 2015 that he found his true passion. Rodrigo’s early days in CrossFit were humble, starting his training in a local park and gradually progressing to owning one of El Salvador’s specialized “boxes.” His transition from playing soccer to embracing CrossFit highlights his adaptability and dedication to fitness.

Rodrigo Beltrán’s CrossFit Journey

Since discovering CrossFit, Rodrigo has trained rigorously, dedicating two hours daily to hone his skills. His commitment to the sport is evident in his rapid improvement and success in local competitions. In 2019, Rodrigo made history alongside Patricia Trujillo as the first Salvadorans to participate in the CrossFit Games, marking a significant milestone in his athletic career and the representation of El Salvador on a global fitness platform.

Competitive Achievements of Rodrigo Beltrán

Rodrigo’s competitive record is impressive, with notable rankings in the CrossFit Open and Quarterfinals over the years. His achievements include a commendable 110th place in the Men’s division at the 2019 CrossFit Games and consistently high rankings in the Open, showcasing his skills against global competitors. Rodrigo’s performance reflects his hard work, strategic training, and the high standards he sets for himself and his training at RD CrossFit.

Personal Life and Philosophy

Off the competition floor, Rodrigo’s life revolves around his CrossFit box, where he not only trains but also shares his passion for the sport with others. His philosophy is that CrossFit presents a new challenge every day, emphasizing personal growth, resilience, and the joy of overcoming obstacles. Rodrigo’s journey from a soccer player to a CrossFit athlete and box owner illustrates his belief in the transformative power of CrossFit, not just as a sport but as a lifestyle.

Rodrigo Beltrán’s story is a testament to the spirit of CrossFit, showcasing how dedication, community, and a positive mindset can elevate an individual from local athlete to international competitor. His contributions to the sport and his community in El Salvador continue to inspire aspiring athletes and fitness enthusiasts alike.

Rodrigo Beltrán benchmarks

Clean: 190 lb
Snatch: 150 lb
Run 5k: 1473 s
Max Pull-ups: 30 reps

Rodrigo Beltrán stats

Age Group Quarterfinal 2023141418%1742Men (35-39)
Open 2023303691%34684Men (35-39)
Individual Quarterfinals 2022345452%7274Men
Open 20221052993%154815Men
Individual Quarterfinals 2021352955%8011Men
Open 2021347897%137461Men
Open 2020908693%133874Men
Games 201911023%144Men
Open 2019666996%195562Men
Open 20172140990%214519Men
Open 20168881050%178510Men

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