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170 cm

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80 kg

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Early Life and Background of Robert Berisha

Details regarding Robert Berisha’s early life and background are currently not publicly available. However, it’s evident through his achievements and dedication to the sport of CrossFit that he has built a strong foundation of discipline and resilience, qualities often nurtured from a young age.

Robert Berisha’s CrossFit Journey

Robert Berisha is a notable figure in the CrossFit community, serving as the owner and head coach at CrossFit Connected. His journey into the world of CrossFit is marked by sweat, strength, and ambition, leading him to qualify for the CrossFit Games in both 2019 and 2020. As a trained health and exercise professional, Robert’s calling to the sport has been evident, showcasing his vast skills and competitive experience which he generously shares with the Connected community.

Competitive Achievements of Robert Berisha

Robert Berisha has demonstrated remarkable performance in the CrossFit arena. Notably, he qualified for the CrossFit Games, achieving a rank of 116th in the Men’s division in 2019. His participation in the CrossFit Open over the years has shown significant progress, with rankings such as 1st in Kosovo in both 2019 and 2020, and his worldwide ranking improving steadily from 29570th in 2017 to 4530th in 2020. These achievements highlight his dedication and skill in CrossFit, marking him as a competitive athlete with a growing impact on the sport.

Personal Life and Community Engagement

While specific details about Robert Berisha’s personal life, including relationships and family, are kept private, his contribution to the CrossFit community is substantial. Through his role at CrossFit Connected, Robert has fostered a supportive and knowledgeable environment for athletes of all levels. His certifications, including an Exercise & Health Promotion Professional EFZ, further underscore his commitment to health and fitness. Robert’s impact extends beyond his competitive achievements, enriching the lives of those he coaches and collaborates with.

Robert Berisha benchmarks

Squat: 210 kg
Deadlift: 220 kg
Fran: 133 sec
Max Pull-ups: 66 reps
Snatch: 118 kg

Robert Berisha stats

Open 20215957256%137461Men
Open 2020453096%133874Men
Games 201911619%144Men
Open 2019534797%195562Men
Open 2018600897%227562Men
Open 20172957086%214519Men
Open 2016null0%178510Men

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