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Richy Jordan

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178 cm

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86 kg

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CrossFit SW18

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Early Life and Background of Richy Jordan

Richy Jordan, a notable name in the CrossFit community, carries the pride of Barbados on his athletic shoulders. His journey into the world of CrossFit began from a foundation in football (soccer) and general fitness activities. Jordan’s first encounter with CrossFit was during a strength & conditioning session that introduced him to the 2012 clean ladder, igniting his passion for the sport. Born in London, England, but deeply rooted in Barbadian heritage through his grandmother and father, Jordan’s connection to Barbados is profound, visiting annually to maintain close ties with family and friends.

Richy Jordan’s CrossFit Journey

Richy Jordan’s CrossFit journey showcases a remarkable transition from an athletic background in football to becoming a CrossFit sensation. His debut in the CrossFit Open dates back to 2015, marking the start of an illustrious career that would see him rise to become the Barbados National Champion and compete on the global stage at the CrossFit Games. Jordan’s dedication and prowess in CrossFit are evident through his consistent participation and improvement in the CrossFit Open over the years, leading to his qualification for the prestigious CrossFit Games.

Competitive Achievements of Richy Jordan

Richy Jordan’s competitive spirit and dedication have earned him the title of Barbados National Champion, a testament to his skill and commitment to CrossFit. His participation in the 2019 CrossFit Games as the Barbados National Champion marked a significant milestone in his career. Despite the challenges and the competitive pressure, Jordan’s focus remained on representing his country with pride and enjoying the moment, embodying the true spirit of a CrossFit athlete. His rankings and performances over the years reflect a journey of continuous improvement and a passion for the sport that knows no bounds.

Personal Life and Future Ambitions

Away from the rigors of training and competition, Richy Jordan is a dedicated family man, enjoying quality time with his loved ones, indulging in simple pleasures like dining out, and engaging in football. His journey in CrossFit has not only shaped him as an athlete but also influenced his personal life and future ambitions. Jordan’s experience at the CrossFit Games has fueled his aspirations, aiming to inspire others in Barbados and beyond to pursue their CrossFit dreams. His story is a beacon of motivation for aspiring athletes, showcasing the balance between competitive success and personal fulfillment.

Richy Jordan benchmarks

Squat: 180 kg
Clean: 145 kg
Snatch: 110 kg
Deadlift: 220 kg

Richy Jordan stats

Individual Quarterfinal 2023418347%7963Men
Open 20231289592%169449Men
Individual Quarterfinals 2022422441%7274Men
Open 20221325491%154815Men
Open 20211830686%137461Men
Open 2020528196%133874Men
Games 201911818%144Men
Open 2019764696%195562Men
Open 20181535993%227562Men
Open 20172652087%214519Men
Open 20163891578%178510Men
Open 2015null0%153272Men

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