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174 cm

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73 kg

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Introduction to Renata Pimentel

Renata Pimentel is a prominent figure in the CrossFit community, known for her dedication, resilience, and remarkable achievements. As the first athlete to qualify for the elite division of the CrossFit Games from Brazil, Renata has not only showcased her exceptional skills but also carried the pride of representing her country on a global stage. Her journey in CrossFit is a testament to her hard work and the rigorous discipline she maintains in both her training and daily life.

Early Life and Background of Renata Pimentel

Details about Renata Pimentel’s early life and background are integral to understanding the foundation of her career. However, specific insights into her upbringing, initial interests, and what led her to CrossFit are not widely documented. Her story, from any early age to the onset of her CrossFit journey, remains an inspiring narrative for many in the fitness community.

Renata Pimentel’s CrossFit Journey

Renata Pimentel’s CrossFit journey is marked by her rapid ascent in the competitive scene. Since diving into the sport in 2014, Renata has evolved from a newcomer to a reference point in Brazil’s CrossFit landscape. Her approach to training, focusing on regularity and consistency, has been crucial in her success. Renata’s dedication is evident in her daily routine, which involves balancing her job at the Defensoria Pública do Ceará with rigorous CrossFit training sessions both in the morning and evening.

Competitive Achievements of Renata Pimentel

Renata’s competitive track record speaks volumes about her prowess and determination. Notably, her performance in the CrossFit Open has been stellar, with a significant improvement in her rankings over the years. From a worldwide rank of 6836th in 2015 to a commendable 46th in 2019 in her division, Renata’s progress is nothing short of remarkable. Her achievements include an 11th place finish in the 2018 CrossFit Games in the Women (35-39) division and a 63rd place finish in the 2019 CrossFit Games. Renata has also demonstrated her competitive spirit and skill in the Age Group Quarterfinals and Regional competitions, showcasing her as a versatile and formidable athlete.

Personal Life of Renata Pimentel

In her personal life, Renata Pimentel exemplifies the balance between a demanding professional career and pursuing passion in CrossFit. Working in the afternoon allows her to meticulously plan her training sessions around her job, underscoring her exceptional organizational skills. Beyond her athletic prowess, Renata’s journey to the top of CrossFit in Brazil involves overcoming challenges such as sponsorship and financial support to continue competing at the highest levels. Her discipline extends to her diet, which she has adapted due to discovering her lactose intolerance, highlighting her commitment to maintaining peak physical condition.

Renata Pimentel’s story in the CrossFit community is a powerful reminder of what dedication, hard work, and a love for the sport can achieve. Representing Brazil on the international stage, she has not only raised the bar for athletes in her home country but has also become a beloved figure in the global CrossFit family.

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Renata Pimentel stats

Games 20196351%131Women
Online Qualifier 201915820%200Women (35-39)
Open 2019299%27202Women (35-39)
Games 20181142%19Women (35-39)
Latin America 2018372%38Women
Online Qualifier 2018597%200Women (35-39)
Open 2018599%30914Women (35-39)
South 20172057%47Women
Open 201741699%159565Women
Open 2016224798%130154Women
Open 2015683693%108764Women

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