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[display_age_from_date birthdate="1992-06-14"]

Rasmus Andersen Height

183 cm

Rasmus Andersen Weight

215 lb

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Early Life and Background of Rasmus Andersen

Born on June 15, 1992, Rasmus Andersen’s journey began in Odense, Denmark. From these humble beginnings, Andersen’s passion for fitness was ignited, leading him to take a significant step in his career by moving to San Diego, California. This move was pivotal in his development as a CrossFit athlete, as it brought him to train with the renowned CrossFit Invictus team.

Rasmus Andersen’s CrossFit Journey

Rasmus Andersen’s foray into the world of CrossFit began in 2012. Despite having no prior athletic experience, Andersen’s dedication and hard work quickly paid off. Just a year after starting, he made his first notable appearance at the Europe Regionals in 2013, securing the 13th place. His relentless drive and love for CrossFit saw him moving across the globe to San Diego, California, to join the CrossFit Invictus team, a decision that catapulted his career in the sport.

Competitive Achievements of Rasmus Andersen

Rasmus Andersen’s competitive record is nothing short of impressive. His list of achievements includes helping the CrossFit Invictus team win the 2014 Affiliate Cup Championship and making a significant impact as an individual competitor at the CrossFit Games. Andersen’s determination and skill saw him finish in the top 25 in his first individual appearance at the Games in 2016. He continued to excel, finishing 8th in 2018 and 3rd as part of a team in 2019. These remarkable performances solidified his reputation as a formidable athlete in the CrossFit community.

Rasmus Andersen’s Training and Nutrition

Andersen’s training regimen is as rigorous as it gets. He undergoes multiple workouts daily, which include a mix of weightlifting, conditioning, cardio, mobility drills, and gymnastics. His diet is tailored to support his intense training schedule, focusing on high protein intake along with balanced carbs and fats. Andersen is known for his flexibility in diet, allowing himself the occasional indulgence while maintaining a focus on lean proteins, slow-acting carbs, and healthy fats.

Personal Life of Rasmus Andersen

Outside of his athletic career, Rasmus Andersen has also been an online fitness coach with Fitbird. In his personal life, he has been in a relationship with fellow CrossFit athlete Lauren Fisher. This dynamic duo shares a passion for fitness and CrossFit, making them a power couple in the CrossFit community.

Rasmus Andersen’s Retirement and Reinvention

In 2021, Rasmus Andersen announced his retirement from CrossFit competitions after an illustrious 8-year career in the sport. However, he made it clear that this wasn’t the end of his competitive journey but rather a pivot towards new challenges. Andersen’s decision to step away from competition marks the end of a significant chapter in his life but also the beginning of a new phase of personal and professional growth.

Rasmus Andersen benchmarks

Squat: 455 lb
Clean: 340 lb
Snatch: 285 lb
Deadlift: 485 lb
Fran: 127 s
Sprint 400m: 62 s
Run 5k: 1190 s

Rasmus Andersen stats

Open 20209123631%133874Men
Open 20198799%195562Men
Games 2018880%40Men
Meridian 2018197%40Men
Open 201834899%227562Men
Meridian 2017977%40Men
Open 20176099%214519Men
Games 20162537%40Men
California 2016295%40Men
Open 20161299%178510Men
California 2015880%40Men
Open 2015699%153272Men
Open 20142499%80284Men
Europe 20131372%48Men
Open 201339399%52169Men
Open 201292196%25027Men

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