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Phil Hesketh

Phil Hesketh Age


Phil Hesketh Height

180 cm

Phil Hesketh Weight

210 lb

Phil Hesketh Country

United Kingdom

Phil Hesketh Croosfit box

CrossFit Walleye

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Early Life and Background of Phil Hesketh

Phil Hesketh’s passion for sports and competition started from a young age, where he engaged in various sports activities including soccer, cricket, rugby union, and league. His athletic journey took a significant turn at the age of 21 when he discovered CrossFit, instantly becoming hooked to the sport. This discovery marked the beginning of a lifestyle and career deeply intertwined with CrossFit, reflecting his commitment and dedication to the sport of fitness.

Phil Hesketh’s CrossFit Journey

Phil Hesketh’s CrossFit journey is marked by his transition from a semi-professional Rugby Union player to a prominent figure in the CrossFit community. His competitive spirit led him to pursue CrossFit seriously, culminating in remarkable achievements such as qualifying for the CrossFit Games. Hesketh’s dedication to CrossFit is also evident in his coaching career, where he has imparted his knowledge and expertise to athletes around the globe, further solidifying his reputation in the CrossFit world.

Competitive Achievements of Phil Hesketh

Hesketh’s competitive track record in CrossFit is impressive, with participations and notable placements in various CrossFit Games seasons. His journey through the Open, Quarterfinals, Semifinals, and Games highlights his evolution as an athlete. Notably, Phil Hesketh has made significant strides in the CrossFit Games, with appearances both as an individual and as part of a team, showcasing his versatility and skill in the sport.

Training and Programming Insights from Phil Hesketh

Phil Hesketh’s approach to training and programming is encapsulated in his ‘Prepared Programming’, which is designed to be adaptable and scalable to fit the needs of athletes at different levels. His programming philosophy emphasizes the importance of motivation, the balance between strength, skill, and fitness, and incorporates unique training sessions that challenge athletes to improve across all facets of their performance. Hesketh also advocates for the inclusion of strongman training in CrossFit preparation, highlighting its functional benefits and its growing prominence in competitions.

Personal Life of Phil Hesketh

Outside of his professional achievements in CrossFit, Phil Hesketh leads a life that reflects his passion for fitness and community. Residing in Sweden and based out of CrossFit Walleye, Hesketh’s personal and professional life are deeply rooted in the principles of CrossFit, embodying the sport’s values of hard work, dedication, and community.

Phil Hesketh benchmarks

Squat: 200 kg
Clean: 160 kg
Snatch: 120 kg
Deadlift: 240 kg
Fran: 140 s
Grace: 80 s
Helen: 480 s
Sprint 400m: 68 s
Run 5k: 1350 s
Max Pull-ups: 50 reps

Phil Hesketh stats

Open 20232764183%169449Men
Open 2022240398%154815Men
Open 20211350181%137461Men
Open 202014699%133874Men
Open 20195101773%195562Men
Meridian 2018587%40Men
Open 201817799%227562Men
Meridian 20173415%40Men
Open 20177899%214519Men
Meridian 201600%40Men
Open 201617899%178510Men
Games 20152927%40Men
Meridian 2015587%40Men
Open 201534899%153272Men
Asia 2014295%47Men
Open 201499998%80284Men
Europe 20131470%48Men
Open 201362598%52169Men
Open 2012261389%25027Men

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