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Paul Castillo

Paul Castillo Age

[display_age_from_date birthdate="1989-12-27"]

Paul Castillo Height

71 in

Paul Castillo Weight

200 lb

Paul Castillo Country

United States

Paul Castillo Croosfit box

CrossFit 8 Mile

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Early Life and Background of Paul Castillo

Paul Castillo, an esteemed CrossFit athlete, embarked on his fitness journey with a background in sports, including playing football during his high school years at Ayersville H.S. This early exposure to competitive sports laid the groundwork for his dedication to physical fitness and eventual pivot to CrossFit.

Paul Castillo’s CrossFit Journey

Castillo’s CrossFit career is marked by his remarkable performance at the Central Regional in 2017, where he outperformed seasoned Games veterans like Scott Panchik and Alex Anderson to secure the first place. This victory was a significant milestone, showcasing his potential and setting the stage for his future in CrossFit competitions. Castillo’s training and preparation for the CrossFit Games were highlighted during an Update Studio interview, where he shared insights into his regimen and mindset going into the games.

Competitive Achievements of Paul Castillo

Throughout his CrossFit career, Castillo has demonstrated exceptional skill and perseverance. Notable achievements include finishing 27th at the 2017 CrossFit Games and securing the 98th spot in the 2019 Games. His performance at regional competitions and the CrossFit Open has been equally impressive, with top finishes that have cemented his reputation in the sport. His statistics, including a 445 lb back squat, 335 lb clean and jerk, and a Fran time of 2:18, exemplify his strength and speed.

Paul Castillo’s Personal Life and Training

While specific details about Castillo’s personal life are kept private, his public interactions and interviews reflect a grounded and focused athlete dedicated to his sport. Training at Glass City CrossFit, Castillo continues to push the boundaries of his physical capabilities, aiming for excellence in every competition he enters.

Paul Castillo’s Business and Family Endeavors

Although not extensively covered in public domains, Paul Castillo’s involvement in business and his family’s support play a crucial role in his journey. The athlete’s success is not just a testament to his individual efforts but also to the environment and backing he receives.

Paul Castillo benchmarks

Squat: 445 lb
Clean: 335 lb
Snatch: 275 lb
Deadlift: 500 lb
Fran: 138 s
Grace: 72 s
Helen: 468 s
Sprint 400m: 66 s
Run 5k: 1260 s

Paul Castillo stats

Individual Quarterfinal 2023174178%7963Men
Open 2023335098%169449Men
Individual Quarterfinals 2022103985%7274Men
Open 20221346291%154815Men
Granite Games 20211936%30Men
Individual Quarterfinals 202117997%8011Men
Open 202149199%137461Men
Games 20199831%144Men
Open 20191699%195562Men
Central 2018880%40Men
Open 20182099%227562Men
Games 20172730%39Men
Central 2017197%40Men
Open 20171599%214519Men
Central 20161562%40Men
Open 20163899%178510Men
Open 2015122399%153272Men

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