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Neal Maddox

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Neal Maddox Height

70 in

Neal Maddox Weight

215 lb

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United states

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Early Life and Background of Neal Maddox

Neal Maddox’s journey into the world of sports and fitness began early. From a young age, he showcased an innate passion for athletics, establishing himself as a standout athlete through school and college. Maddox excelled in lifting, setting numerous records and earning recognition among his peers. His early coaching endeavors started in college, working with individuals with disabilities, which sparked his passion for coaching. Neal graduated with a B.S. in exercise science, a foundation that would support his multifaceted career in sports, from the NFL to becoming a celebrated coach and business owner.

Neal Maddox’s CrossFit Journey

The transition from a promising NFL career cut short by injuries to a groundbreaking presence in CrossFit showcases Neal Maddox’s resilience and versatility. His entry into CrossFit in 2009 marked a new chapter, quickly moving from a CrossFit Games judge to a formidable competitor. Maddox’s CrossFit career is distinguished by his persistence, qualifying for the CrossFit Games multiple times and becoming known as one of the oldest individual athletes to compete at this level, while also establishing himself as a respected coach in the community.

Competitive Achievements of Neal Maddox

Neal Maddox’s competitive spirit shines through his impressive CrossFit Games history, with multiple appearances and notable performances from 2010 to 2018. His journey saw him achieving a top 10 finish in 2013 and securing first place in the Masters 40-44 Division at the 2018 Games. Maddox’s commitment to excellence and continuous improvement, coupled with his strategic approach to training and competition, has made him a celebrated athlete within the CrossFit community.

Personal Life and Legacy

Neal Maddox’s impact extends beyond the competition floor. Known for his dedication to coaching and helping others achieve their fitness goals, Maddox has also contributed significantly to the development of CrossFit athletes and enthusiasts alike. His decision to step away from competition in 2018 to focus on family and coaching illustrates his commitment to fostering the next generation of athletes. Maddox’s legacy is not just his competitive achievements but also his contribution to building a supportive and inclusive CrossFit community.

Neal Maddox’s story is a testament to the power of resilience, adaptability, and passion. From a promising football career to becoming a CrossFit legend, his journey inspires athletes and non-athletes alike to overcome obstacles and pursue their passions with unwavering dedication.

Neal Maddox benchmarks

Squat: 510 lb
Clean: 353 lb
Snatch: 295 lb
Deadlift: 505 lb
Fran: 124 s
Grace: 95 s
Helen: 465 s
Filthy 50: 874 s
Sprint 400m: 61 s
Fight Gone Bad: 505 reps
Max Pull-ups: 60 reps

Neal Maddox stats

Open 20201737587%133874Men
Games 2018195%20Men (40-44)
West 20182537%40Men
Online Qualifier 2018199%200Men (40-44)
Open 201838699%227562Men
Games 2017290%20Men (35-39)
Online Qualifier 2017199%200Men (35-39)
Open 2017499%40386Men (35-39)
Open 2016null0%178510Men
Games 2015392%40Men
California 2015295%40Men
Open 20151899%153272Men
Games 20141565%43Men
Northern California 2014295%44Men
Open 20141099%80284Men
Games 2013980%47Men
Northern California 2013295%44Men
Open 2013699%52169Men
Games 20122056%46Men
Northern California 2012294%39Men
Open 2012699%25027Men
Games 20113234%49Men
Open 2011799%8620Men
Games 20102544%45Men

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