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173 cm

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72 kg

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Introduction to Mody Traore

Mody Traore is a distinguished CrossFit athlete from Senegal, known for his exceptional dedication to the sport. Although specific details of his early life and CrossFit journey remain scarce, his competitive achievements offer a glimpse into his commitment and prowess in the fitness arena. Competing in the men’s division, Traore has made a notable mark in the CrossFit community, particularly within his age group and geographical region.

Competitive Achievements of Mody Traore

Traore’s participation in CrossFit competitions highlights his athletic caliber and determination. In 2019, he achieved a significant milestone by ranking 124th in the Men’s division at the CrossFit Games, an impressive feat that showcases his skill and competitiveness on a global scale. His performance history in the Open category further illustrates his progression and dedication to the sport. Over the years, Traore has consistently improved his standings, with notable placements in 2021, 2020, and 2019 within the Men’s and age-specific divisions, proudly representing Senegal and achieving first place rankings within his country.

Mody Traore’s CrossFit Open Performance

Throughout his participation in the CrossFit Open, Traore has demonstrated considerable growth and tenacity. In 2021, he competed in the Men’s 40-44 age group, achieving a rank of 39295th worldwide, and securing the first place in Senegal for his age group. This performance was an improvement from his 2020 participation, where he was ranked 11372nd among Men and first in Senegal in the Men’s 40-44 category. His journey in CrossFit began to gain notable attention in 2019 when he first competed in the 35-39 age group, establishing himself as a leading athlete in Senegal by securing the first place in both the general and age-specific categories.

Personal Life and Training of Mody Traore

While specific details about Mody Traore’s personal life and training regimen are not publicly available, his achievements in CrossFit competitions speak volumes about his dedication to fitness, discipline, and hard work. As an athlete representing Senegal, Traore has not only pushed his limits but also set an inspiring example for fellow athletes in his country and across the CrossFit community.

Mody Traore’s journey in CrossFit, marked by his competitive achievements and dedication, highlights the universal appeal of the sport and its ability to bring together athletes from diverse backgrounds and regions in the pursuit of fitness, community, and personal excellence.

Mody Traore benchmarks

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Mody Traore stats

Open 2021412079%19918Men (40-44)
Open 202065096%18664Men (40-44)
Games 201912413%144Men
Open 2019580785%39540Men (35-39)

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