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61 in

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130 lb

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Deka CrossFit

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Early Life and Background of Michele Letendre

Michele Letendre’s journey into the world of fitness and CrossFit is a tale of passion, dedication, and transition from a competitive swimmer and national-level water polo player to a CrossFit icon. Growing up, Michele was immersed in water sports, competing in both water polo and swimming, showcasing her competitive spirit and athletic prowess from a young age.

Michele Letendre’s CrossFit Journey

Michele’s CrossFit journey began when she found herself seeking a new challenge after her collegiate swimming and water polo career. She quickly made a name for herself within the CrossFit community, demonstrating an unparalleled dedication and skill set that propelled her to six CrossFit Games appearances. Her career highlight came in 2014, securing a fourth-place finish, just shy of the podium but marking her as one of the elite athletes in the sport.

Competitive Achievements of Michele Letendre

Throughout her CrossFit career, Michele Letendre distinguished herself as a formidable competitor, never finishing below third at the combined East Regional and securing one of Canada East’s two Games-qualifying spots since her first regional appearance in 2011. She finished four of her six Games appearances in the top 18, with her career-best finish of fourth in 2014. After retiring from competition in 2016, Michele transitioned to coaching, where she has made significant contributions to the sport, coaching top athletes like Patrick Vellner and Laura Horvath.

Personal Life and Coaching Career

Post-retirement, Michele has not only stayed close to the sport but also redefined her involvement by becoming one of the few female games-level coaches in CrossFit, leveraging her extensive experience and insight to mentor upcoming athletes. With the establishment of Deka Gym and Deka Comp, she has extended her influence in the CrossFit community, offering programs that cater to all ages and skill levels. Michele’s passion for coaching shines through her work, especially when preparing athletes for high-level competition, underscoring her dedication to the sport’s growth and the success of its athletes.

Michele Letendre benchmarks

Squat: 315 lb
Clean: 245 lb
Snatch: 205 lb
Deadlift: 355 lb
Fran: 130 s
Grace: 119 s
Helen: 499 s
Max Pull-ups: 50 reps

Michele Letendre stats

Open 2023267089%24815Women (35-39)
Open 20222928176%122177Women
Open 2021161723%2104Women
Open 2020231697%94157Women
Open 201881099%171976Women
Open 201725699%159565Women
Games 20161660%40Women
East 2016392%39Women
Open 2016599%130154Women
Games 20151855%40Women
East 2015197%39Women
Open 2015899%108764Women
Games 2014490%43Women
Canada East 2014295%41Women
Open 20143899%52076Women
Games 20131370%44Women
Canada East 2013294%39Women
Open 20131499%32643Women
Games 20122446%45Women
Canada East 2012196%26Women
Open 2012799%14217Women
Games 20112546%47Women
Open 20119997%4506Women

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