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Meredith Root

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64 in

Meredith Root Weight

132 lb

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United states

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Early Life and Background of Meredith Root

Meredith Root has an impressive background as a biological engineer before fully committing to her CrossFit and athletic career. This transition from a career in research and development to becoming a dedicated athlete showcases her diverse skill set and passion for pushing the boundaries of her physical and intellectual capabilities.

Meredith Root’s CrossFit Journey

Meredith Root’s CrossFit journey is marked by her significant achievement of competing at the CrossFit Games in 2018, a testament to her hard work, dedication, and talent in the sport. Her journey in CrossFit also highlights her role as a coach, where she has shared her expertise and passion for CrossFit with others for over six years. Meredith’s involvement in the athlete advisory council in 2020 further exemplifies her commitment to the CrossFit community and her influence in shaping the sport.

Competitive Achievements of Meredith Root

Root has a commendable record in CrossFit competitions, including a 30th place finish at the 2018 CrossFit Games and multiple appearances at the CrossFit Regionals. Her performance in the CrossFit Open over the years demonstrates her consistent excellence and growth in the sport, from her early days in 2013 to her remarkable rankings in subsequent years, including a 9th place worldwide in 2021. Meredith’s achievements reflect her exceptional athleticism and dedication to CrossFit.

Training Tips and Workouts from Meredith Root

Meredith Root’s training insights are invaluable for athletes looking to improve their performance. Her approach to embracing challenges and continuously learning to overcome weaknesses is inspiring. Meredith shares practical training tips and innovative workouts, including a diverse range of exercises and routines that she has personally used to achieve her fitness goals. These tips are not just about physical training but also about cultivating a mindset geared towards growth and improvement.

Personal Life of Meredith Root

Outside of her athletic endeavors, Meredith enjoys a rich personal life, including her engagement to Alex Parker, another accomplished CrossFit Games athlete, in October 2020. Together, they founded Tactic Functional Nutrition, combining their expertise in fitness and nutrition to help others achieve their health and performance goals. Meredith’s hobbies, such as skiing and mountain biking in the Canadian Rockies, showcase her love for adventure and the great outdoors.

Meredith Root’s journey from a biological engineer to a celebrated CrossFit athlete and coach is truly inspiring. Her competitive achievements, contributions to the CrossFit community, and personal pursuits reflect her multifaceted talent and dedication to excellence.

Meredith Root benchmarks

Squat: 285 lb
Clean: 220 lb
Snatch: 190 lb
Deadlift: 340 lb
Fran: 131 s
Grace: 95 s
Helen: 428 s
Sprint 400m: 64 s
Run 5k: 1221 s
Max Pull-ups: 44 reps

Meredith Root stats

Open 2021999%2104Women
Open 20206473631%94157Women
Games 20183025%40Women
West 2018587%40Women
Open 201810699%171976Women
Atlantic 2017400%40Women
Open 20175099%159565Women
Atlantic 2016976%39Women
Open 20167299%130154Women
Open 201518899%108764Women
Open 2014184996%52076Women
Open 20131078366%32643Women

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