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173 cm

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70 kg

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Early Life and Background of Mahendra Arditirta

Mahendra Arditirta’s fitness journey is a testament to personal transformation and dedication. Growing up in Jakarta, Indonesia, fitness and sports were not prioritized in his life, with academic pursuits often taking precedence. The cultural context of his upbringing did not encourage sports as a serious endeavor, leading to a childhood where Mahendra found himself unfit and slightly overweight. Despite these challenges, his determination to change his physical and mental well-being led him to the world of CrossFit, marking the beginning of a significant transformation from a “chubby kid” to an accomplished athlete and coach.

Mahendra Arditirta’s CrossFit Journey

Mahendra’s CrossFit journey began as part of a New Year’s resolution in 2016, a decision that would eventually lead him to become the first male to represent Indonesia at the CrossFit Games. Before finding his passion for CrossFit, Mahendra explored bodybuilding but quickly realized it wasn’t the right fit for him. Despite the lack of support for his fitness endeavors, he was motivated by the improvements he saw in a workout partner and the competitive spirit instilled by the concept of “kiasu,” meaning he didn’t want to lose. This competitive drive, combined with a desire for self-improvement, led him to dive into CrossFit, where he found not only a sport that challenged him physically and mentally but also a community and a career path as a coach.

Competitive Achievements of Mahendra Arditirta

Mahendra Arditirta’s competitive achievements in CrossFit are noteworthy, marking him as a prominent figure in the sport within Indonesia and on the international stage. He has been crowned Indonesia’s top male finisher in the 2019 CrossFit Open, securing his place to compete at the 2019 CrossFit Games in Madison, Wisconsin. His participation made him the first Indonesian male to compete at this level, where he finished 114th. Mahendra has consistently demonstrated his prowess in CrossFit, with notable rankings in the CrossFit Open over the years, including 1st in Indonesia for 2019 and 2020, highlighting his exceptional skill and dedication to the sport.

Personal Life and Pursuits Beyond CrossFit

Beyond his achievements in CrossFit, Mahendra Arditirta leads a multifaceted life involving business and coaching. He runs a company specializing in clocks and time sync projects, catering to clients such as airports and power stations. Additionally, Mahendra contributes to his family’s motorcycle dealership. His commitment to CrossFit extends into his role as a coach at CrossFit 6221 in Jakarta, where he leverages his Level 1 and Level 1 Gymnastics CrossFit accreditations to inspire and train others. Despite his busy schedule, Mahendra maintains a balanced lifestyle, emphasizing the importance of quantifiable and scalable workouts that fit within his diverse commitments.

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Open 20213234276%137461Men
Open 2020548495%133874Men
Games 201911420%144Men
Open 2019611496%195562Men

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